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For a general mobilization to beat Macron by voting NUPES

Tuesday 14 June 2022, by NPA - Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste

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NUPES, the union of left-wing organizations, is in the lead after the first round of the legislative elections, ahead of the coalition that supports Macron. This is a disavowal for Macron’s regime, who will be the first president not to obtain an absolute majority following his election.

The abstention - more than one in two voters - also shows the despair that exists in the working classes with the anti-social policies and the anti-democratic system of the Fifth Republic, which has given presidential power to a Macron who is hated by a majority of the population.

Steps forward

Nothing is settled. The far right unfortunately remains at a very high level, with almost a quarter of the vote, and the right and the far right total about two thirds of the electorate. Despite the slap in the face to Zemmour and his supporters, the danger is still present. The declarations of some members of the Macronie who call for a “barrage against the far left” in the second round, drawing a parallel between the NUPES and the far right, are not only scandalous: they show an unprecedented trivialization of the fascist danger.

But this first round has brought some good news, starting with the elimination in the first round of Blanquer, who was responsible for unprecedented attacks on the national education system. Then also the election in the first round of MPs from France Insoumise (including Danièle Obono, an MP particularly targeted by the far right); and the possibility of victories in the second round for personalities like Rachel Keke, a hotel cleaner and leader of a successful strike; Danielle Simonnet, an LFI opponent of Anne Hidalgo in Paris; Aurélie Trouvé, an activist from the social movement; or Abdelkader Lahmar, from the popular neighbourhood collective “On s’en mêle” in the Rhône.

Strengthening the popular vote

In the second round, it is possible to inflict a defeat on Macron by amplifying the popular vote for the NUPES, eliminating the Macronist candidates, the old right and the far right. If Macron does not win a majority in the National Assembly, it will be harder for him to pass his anti-social attacks, such as retirement at 65 or forced work for RSA recipients.

This will give confidence to the labour movement to confront him and fight against his policies: for wage increases, full retirement at 60, the rejection of police violence and racist measures, for women’s rights...

The higher the score of the NUPES, the more MPs it will have elected, and the more this electoral dynamic will be able to weigh in favour of a militant mobilization to change the balance of power in favour of our social camp.

For another society free from capitalism

The elections are only a stage, but a moment that can play a role in changing the side of fear and taking the offensive. We want Macron and his capitalist friends to take fright, as they are expressing with their aggressive, even delusional campaign against the NUPES. We want the working classes to regain their confidence to fight, to build a political force to represent and organise ourselves.

The crisis of capitalism produces more and more poverty, injustice, discrimination, wars... Liberal and authoritarian policies feed the mortal danger of the far right. It is time to break with this system, to revive the hope of a society free from exploitation and oppression. To do this, we need to act together, building unitive dynamics that make social and political victories possible.

Monday 13 June 2022


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