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NO! to the French military intervention in Mali

Statement by the NPA

Monday 14 January 2013, by NPA - Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste

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Who said that Françafrique it was finished? Hollande did not have enough hard words during his campaign for denouncing French policy of domination in Africa. In October during his trip in Dakar he even declared “There is France and there is Africa!

Three months later he announces the start of the military intervention in Mali. He went from “we will not intervene” and “we will protect our nationals” to ending up with a direct intervention.

The former colonial power does not maintain troops on this continent for no reason. It is continuing — in the tradition of all the governments which have followed one another — the role of gendarme, to protect its interests and support the governments under its domination. The Islamist threat constitutes the excuse for this military operation.

The NPA denounces this imperialist military intervention decided by Holland, once more at the expense of the peoples. This is not the way to free the Malian people from all fundamentalisms.


Friday January 11th, 2013