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Against ‘Valeurs actuelles’ rubbish and its supporters, solidarity with Daniele Obono!

Monday 31 August 2020, by NPA - Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste

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The racist rag Valeurs actuelles has struck again. In its 27 August edition, the extreme right-wing weekly saw fit to write a “fiction” featuring Danièle Obono, reduced to slavery – by “Arabs”, of course – with racist illustrations. [1]

Indignation quickly and legitimately raged on social networks. We would like to express our solidarity with our comrade Daniele Obono, and our contempt, not to say disgust, at the rubbish published by Valeurs actuelles.

This is not the first time that Danièle has been targeted by reactionaries and racists, and the least we can say is that many of those who paved the way for Valeurs actuelles – politicians, editorial writers – cannot stand the fact that a Black woman occupies political and media space to defend her beliefs.

Nor is this the first time that the Valeurs actuelles rag has resorted to racist implications. We remember, for example, that this weekly was condemned in 2015 for “incitement to hatred” following an article entitled “Roma, the overdose”.

However, this does not prevent a number of “major media”, first and foremost the 24-hour news channels, from regularly inviting "editorialists" from Valeurs actuelles to comment on current events, helping to legitimise and normalise the weekly’s reactionary and racist positions. This did not prevent Emmanuel Macron from giving an interview to this rag last October, claiming that it was a “very good newspaper”.

Against the rubbish of Valeurs actuelles, against their supporters and accomplices, against all those who contribute to trivializing and normalizing the filthiest racism but today pretend to be indignant: support for you Danièle!

29 August 2020


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[1Danièle Obono, originally from Gabon, is a a woman MP for France Insoumise. The Guardian, 29 August 2020 “French magazine says sorry for portraying black MP as a slave” and 31 August “Racism investigation after French magazine shows black MP as slave”.