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On Saturday, December 8, and after: general mobilization against Macron and his world!

Friday 7 December 2018, by NPA - Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste

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Faced with the mobilisation of the yellow jackets, the government began to retreat, announcing the abolition, for the year 2019, of the increase in fuel taxes. The government, which was showing its "inflexibility" just a few days ago, is panicking and trying to put out the fire it started itself.

But it’s too little, and it’s too late. Because although fuel prices were the spark, anger is much deeper: the mobilization is expected to continue, and to expand. It is indeed an overall policy – in the service of the rich – that is being called into question, made of fiscal injustice, austerity and the destruction of public services, imposed by a regime whose arrogance is equalled only by brutality.

other sectors are starting to move, particularly among young people, who are facing outrageous repression, and 8 December promises to be an essential step in extending and broadening the mobilisation: yellow jackets, associations, trade unions and politicians, ecologists convinced of the essential link between social and ecological demands, will be there.

The NPA will be part of Saturday’s mobilizations and, in Paris, will be at the meeting point given by the Intergare railway workers, the Truth Committee for Adama, the postal workers in struggle, the Paris-Banlieue Anti-Fascist Action, and many others, at 10am in Saint-Lazare, to then converge with the Yellow <jackets. Olivier Besancenot will be present in Paris, while Philippe Poutou will demonstrate in Bordeaux, in the morning in defence of the Ford Blanquefort factory threatened with closure and in the afternoon alongside the Yellow Jackets. Our spokesperson Christine Poupin will participate in the Climate March in Rouen: we are indeed one of those who do not counterpose social justice and climate justice, which are on the contrary inseparable.

They’re starting to back off!

It is time to go, to demonstrate, to block the economy, especially through strikes, all together!

Montreuil, December 7, 2018


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