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France/Palestine solidarity

New ban on demonstration, NPA calls to maintain action

Saturday 26 July 2014, by NPA - Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste

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Ban on demonstration: Holland-Valls once again muzzle solidarity with Palestinians

The Paris police authority has decided to ban the demonstration called for this Saturday [26 July] in Paris. By again banning a deçonstration in solidarity with Palestine, after 25 000 people showed on Wednesday evening that a legal demonstration is trouble-free, Hollande and Valls have crossed a new threshold in the trial of strength that they have entered into with the Palestine solidarity movement.

While Israeli attacks are continuing more and more violently against the Palestinians in Gaza and now on the West Bank (more than 800 dead, bombing of a UN school, etc) this new ban shows once again the government’s desire to muzzle all opposition to its support for the war waged by the Israeli state, by attacking the fundaqmentl right to demonstrate.

The NPA calls on all left and democratic trade-union, campaign and political forces to express their rejection of this ban and to demonstrate more than ever their active solidarity with the struggle of the Palestian people.


25 July 2014