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Regional elections: the left and right open the road to the worst, the world of labour must respond

NPA statement

Thursday 10 December 2015, by NPA - Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste

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This statement was issued by the NPA Executive Committee on the evening of the first round of the regional elections, which saw the far right National Front top the poll in six of thirteen regions, and the governing Socialist Party in only two.

Tonight, the rate of abstention is once again enormous: almost one voter in two considered that the elections and the parties that presented themselves are not a solution to the social crisis, economic, political. However, the result of high abstention should not obscure the central and disturbing political fact of the first round: the breakthrough nationwide National Front which leads in almost half of the major regions.

In the context of post November 13 attacks, the far right profited from a situation where the left in charge, clad in its military and security uniform, has been implementing social destruction since coming to power in 2012, is chasing in the wake of an increasingly more radicalized right and uunder pressure from the noxious ideas of the National Front.

Left and right outbidding each other never ceases to fertilise the soil for the flourishing today of the ideas, and maybe tomorrow the policies, of the worst enemies of the working world and popular categories

The fight against the FN is inseparable from the fight against security, racism, militarism, anti-social policies wherever they come from, in the first place when they come from those who govern. In the coming weeks, it is in the street and the mobilizations in defence of democratic rights and solidarity, against social regression, that we have to start the fightback

December 6, 2015