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A human tide of indignation, but huge governmental manipulation in the name of national unity

Sunday 11 January 2015, by NPA - Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste

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Millions of people marched this weekend throughout France in reaction to the attack on Charlie Hebdo and the taking of hostages. Most were demonstrating for freedom of expression, against anti-semitism and all racisms. Struggles and aspirations that we share, just as we share the indignation, the sadness and the revolt of the vast majority of the demonstrators.

The NPA decided not to join the march which was held today in Paris so as not to participate in the instrumentalisation and manipulation orchestrated by Holland and Valls in the name of “National Unity”, built to try to make people believe that there are shared interests between those on top and those suffering from their policies.

All the “butchers of the world” or their representatives were there to march. Thus, alongside Holland, Valls and Sarkozy, were Netanyahou, Orban the fascist and the representative of Putin, who imprisons and kills journalists, African dictators, the British, Spanish, Italian and Greek Prime Ministers, champions of austerity and racist policies, the best defenders of the Troika and NATO… Many demonstrators also expressed their refusal of recuperation by the government. In some cities, the demonstrations condemned the attack on Charlie Hebdo and the sequels, while taking a stand against Islamophobia and repressive policies, essential food of racism in France.

For the NPA, the fight for freedom of expression and democratic rights, against racism, is indissociable from the fight against islamophobia and anti-semitism, repressive laws, against government policy, antisocial measures and imperialist military interventions. We continue this struggle which will intensify because of governmental policy. The national union which it is trying to build is a trap which flatters the chauvinistic and xenophobic prejudices against the aspirations of the majority of those who took to the street. It aims at imposing policies in the service of the big bosses and banks on the working people.

This is why the NPA will try to take unitive initiatives as broadly as possible. It is urgent that workers, youth, the popular classes, make their voice heard independently of those which carry out a social and imperialist war against the workers and the people.

Montreuil, January 11th, 2015