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Support for the Libyan people against the dictatorship.

Statement of the NPA

Monday 21 March 2011, by NPA - Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste

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The Libyan population which rose against Gaddafi faces today an outburst of fatal violence. The dictator would like to drown the revolt in a blood bath. Our full and total solidarity goes to the Libyan people who should be given the means to defend themselves, the weapons which it needs to drive out the dictator, to conquer freedom and democracy.

This is not the goal of the decisions of UN and the military coalition led by France and Britain which is on the point of intervening in Libya. The same govertnments did not say anything against the intervention of the Saudi troops against the revolt in Bahrain. The great powers want to seize the opportunity that the dictator’s madness gives them to try to take back control over the area, rich in oil, while giving each other the beautiful role of defender of the people.

How can we give any credit for sincerity to the French government which for three months has not expressed any solidarity with popular risings and the revolutions in progress in the Mashreq and Maghreb countries? How can we forget a half- century of support of the great powers for the bloodiest dictatorships. From Kosovo and Afghanistan via Iraq, the list is long of so-called "humanitarian" imperialist interventions that did nothing but worsen the local situations.

Military intervention is not the solution and the NPA warns against a new military escalation which is taking shape, against the imperialist goal of control of the area and against interference in the revolutionary processes underway. It reaffirms its support for the Libyan insurrectionists against the dictatorship as with the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions

March 18th, 2011