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Macron as president: the capitalist offensive will sharpen. Build the fightback!

Monday 8 May 2017, by NPA - Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste, Philippe Poutou

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This statement was made by Philippe Poutou for the NPA after the result of voting in the second round of the French presidential elections was announced.

Marine Le Pen, the candidate of the National Front has not been elected, and we are pleased. For us, the FN will never be a party like the others. Behind some demagogic social demands, its programme remains the destruction of democratic rights, challenging all the rights of the trade union movement and other social movements. Its programme is division of exploited people, aimed at reinforcing discrimination against people of immigrant origin, a racist hate programme aimed at sparing the people really responsible for poverty and unemployment. Today, the candidate of the FN has been pushed aside and that is good.

Macron the banker is heir to Hollandeism and fully embraces the policy of his predecessor. As a minister, he inspired laws of social regression such as the one that bears his name or the labor law twhich was massively opposed in the streets a year ago. Beyond that, Macron intends to amplify the liberal counter-revolution and will therefore pursue without a break a policy of austerity for the popular layers, in the name of freedom of enterprise, rigour and budget balance ... His programme ? To put an end to the 35 hours, to break Social Security, to reduce the number of civil servants, to go even further in the breakage of the labour code ... This policy is precisely the one that prepares the ground for the Front National, stepping up the destruction of our social gains.

We must therefore prepare to fight new battles, to unite to prepare the resistance against the steamroller of a Macron who declares that he wants to govern by decree to impose his antisocial programme. A period of struggle is before us, and we must organize the "all together", all-out mobilizations, to reverse the balance of power, build a front to defend in unity our social and democratic rights.

Already, trade union and social movement activists have begun to prepare the response. For us, "taking our affairs in hand" means building struggles, demonstrations, and strikes. The demonstration tomorrow [Monday] at 2 pm in Place de la République [Paris] and in a number of cities is part of it, because social conquests have never been the gift of a government but won by the workers and the youth in action.

To prepare for this confrontation, we need a political force to represent us, to organize our social camp facing the bosses and owners. A fighting party, anchored in daily struggles, that is not afraid of attacking capitalist property rights, that defends the need to break with national and European institutions. A feminist, ecologist, internationalist party for a revolutionary transformation of society. It’s urgent.

Montreuil, May 7, 2017