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They won’t stop us demonstrating!

Statement by the NPA

Sunday 7 May 2017, by NPA - Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste

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On the very day of the presidential election, 69 activists – including Alain Pojolat, leading member of the NPA, Palestinian solidarity and anti-fascist activist – have been banned from certain districts of Paris, thus preventing them from participating in the first demonstration against the announced anti-worker policies of newly-elected president Emmanuel Macron.

The NPA has issued this statement.

Sixty-nine activists have been notified today that they are banned from participating in a demonstration tomorrow 8 May. This event has been called by a group of trade unions and associations which had already demonstrated on 22 April to state that as "employees of the private as well as the public sector, unemployed, casualized, students, young people, retired, those living on minimum wage, undocumented, homeless, those surviving on minimum benefits, inhabitants of cities, villages and suburbs ... the day after the second round, we will be in the street! ".

These dozens of banning order on demonstrating are in keeping with the policies of the various Hollande governments, now approved by the presidential election. But they persist and sign: the same one who have broken the Labor Code and social rights are also attacking democratic rights, including the right to demonstrate. So yes, they’re the breakers and we’re right to say take to the street.

Refusing to be silent faced with attacks on our rights is insisting on being heard, taking to the streets. That is why we call for the demonstration tomorrow at 2 pm in Paris, Place de la République and everywhere in France where this call is being taken up.

Montreuil, 7 May 2017