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France/Syria solidarity

Against any military intervention. Total support for the Syrian revolution.

Statement by the NPA

Sunday 1 September 2013, by NPA - Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste

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This statement was made by the NPA on 28 August 2013.

The regime of Bashar Al Assad incessantly raises the level of the massacres which it organizes against its own people. Thus the recent bombardments in civilian areas around Damascus, using chemical weapons, once again lead to horror and rage against the hypocrisy of the great powers which leads to these crimes against humanity. The NPA makes a point once again of assuring the insurgent Syrian people of all its solidarity, and its admiration of its determination to overthrow a regime which is indefensible from any point of view. We denounce the direct complicity of the governments of Russia and Iran which encourages the crimes of Al-Assad. But we reaffirm that the great Western powers, by refusing to deliver the weapons demanded for so many months by the collective structures of struggle set up by the people, also bear a heavy responsibility for the perpetuation of the murderous regime, while contributing to the development of religious obscurantist currents which constitute a second mortal enemy for the Syrian people.

Now, the USA, France and the United Kingdom announce their will to intervene directly in the conflict by targeted bombardments. We absolutely reject such a policy, which President Holland puts himself at the forefront of without any democratic consultation. Indeed, it can only have counter-productive effects, faced with a criminal and adventurist regime, and could on the contrary reinforce its international propaganda and ultimately increase the suffering in Syria. It is up to the Syrian people to free itself in complete self-determination, with all essential international assistance but without the operations and direct interventions of states which primarily defend their own interests. Faced with a regime which has cut all the bridges of compromise, the Syrian people and its representatives who fight for democracy, social justice, and national dignity with respect for all its components will not be able to compromise on the fall of the clan of Bashar Al-Assad, and the rejection of any foreign supervision!

Leucate, August 28, 2013

French original “Contre toute intervention militaire. Soutien total àla révlution syrienne”.