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Faced with Trump’s threats: solidarity with Venezuela! No to any imperialist intervention!

Statement by the NPA, France

Tuesday 15 August 2017, by NPA - Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste

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By threatening Venezuela with a “possible military option”, the grotesque and dangerous Donald Trump has thrown even more oil on the fire of the very serious economic, social and political crisis that this country is going through. Even if all Latin American governments, including the closest allies of the United States, and even the Venezuelan right-wing opposition linked to Washington, have distanced themselves from these words, or even condemned them, they represent a warning that cannot be ignored. The United States of America has a long tradition of military intervention, support for coups and military dictatorships in the region. And now they are intervening - as the European Union does in its own way - through diplomatic and diplomatic maneuvers and economic sanctions.

The NPA denounces all these interferences and threats. It calls for solidarity with the people of Venezuela, first and foremost today by defending the territorial integrity of the country. Not one US soldier should set foot on its soil! And if tomorrow, unfortunately, such an aggression were to become a reality, all the anti-imperialist forces, more generally all those attached to the right of self-determination of peoples, should unite in action against the troops of “Uncle Sam”’.

This does not mean, for our part, uncritical or blind support for the policy of Nicolás Maduro and his government. The Chavista bureaucratic sectors and the “Bolibourgeoisie” carry a heavy responsibility in the present disaster, thereby fueling the calls for a coup and the violent actions of the reactionary and neo-liberal right of the MUD (Mesa de Unidad Democrática – Democratic Unity Table). Corruption and embezzlement, attacks on democratic freedoms and electoral fraud are not the prerogative of one side or the other, to the detriment of those from below. Faced with the right and the pro-US old bourgeoisie, Maduro and the present government, increasingly supported by the army, present themselves as anti-imperialist; it is they who are paying, right on the nail, a foreign debt that is bleeding more and more of the country, they also who are delivering the Orinoco Mining Arc (12% of the national territory) to the voraciousness of foreign multinationals, with disastrous consequences for indigenous peoples and ecological equilibriums.

Our political solidarity goes to the workers and the popular sectors, which in the past have been the actors in very large mobilizations (the so-called Caracazo insurrection in 1989, the victorious struggle against the 2002 anti-Chávez coup d’état, creation of spaces of urban and rural self-organization for more than 15 years), sectors which have not yet intervened in the current crisis. Our support also goes naturally to the organizations of the anti-capitalist left which are struggling today to bring about such an autonomous intervention.

15 August 2017