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Macron’s re-elected, the struggle continues!

Communiqué by NPA

Monday 25 April 2022, by NPA - Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste

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Tonight [24 April], as a conclusion to this non-campaign and as a symptom of an unprecedented democratic crisis, Macron has been re-elected. His authoritarian liberalism thus won by 58%, over the crypto-fascist and racist liberalism of Le Pen. "Anything-but-Macron" did not win against "anything-but-Le-Pen", and this is so much the better for our social camp, as the latter represented a mortal danger. The worst was thus avoided: in politics more than anywhere else, two evils, even very serious ones, must always be ranked.

On the one hand, there is a hard right that is ultra-liberal, technocratic, police-oriented, linked to the old government parties, to the state and its apparatus, to the CAC40 firms, but without a mass social base and hated by a large part of the country. On the other hand, an extreme right that’s populist with its rough edges smoothed over, demagogic and lying, in search of respectability, which has unfortunately a certain popular base...

The abstention rate of 28% is the second highest in the history of the Fifth Republic... after the 1969 election. Nearly a third of voters do not even want to play this comedy any more. The rate of blank and invalid votes will only be known later, but it could also reach a record. The political and democratic crisis, which calls into question the legitimacy of this poorly elected president, is growing. His negative record is indisputable, and this second term promises to deepen the social, democratic and ideological reactionary attacks. The boulevard opened for the extreme right should therefore widen further...

There is an urgent need to outline a perspective of emancipation, to build a fighting left. The NPA is in favour of the next legislative elections having candidates who are united to face the right and the far right, on the basis of a programme challenging Macronism and break with capitalist policies. This is why we have responded positively to the invitation to discuss with the Union Populaire ([led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon], with the firm intention of arriving at unitary candidatures on the left. But it is also, and perhaps above all, the third social round that is opening in the streets, in our workplaces and schools, starting with the announced “reform” of our pension systems. Social struggles to be built to resist the offensive of Macron II, an indispensable condition for changing the situation durably.

For all this, we will need both unity and radicalism. Parties, trade unions, environmentalist, anti-racist, feminist, LGBTI associations and collectives: we need to build a common and sustainable front of our class, articulating street mobilizations and ideological battles, in particular against the far right. From this front and the multiple struggles could then emerge an anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, feminist, ecologist and internationalist political force for the revolutionary transformation of society. This is necessary and urgent.

Montreuil, 24 April 2022


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