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NPA presidential candidate Philippe Poutou validated

Saturday 18 March 2017, by NPA - Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste

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In the final statement by the constitutional council on Saturday 18 March, 11 candidates for the first round of the French presidential elections were validated. The efforts of the NPA to get more than 500 signatures in a vigorous campaign for the democratic right to stand met with success obtaining 523 sponsorships form local mayors and regional councillors, as well as 50 sent spontaneously to the Council.

The candidature of Philippe Poutou is confirmed

We sent 523 sponsorships to the Constitutional Council, not to mention the "spontaneous" sponsorships that were posted directly by elected representatives.

This campaign mobilized hundreds of activists for 10 months. About 10,000 mayors have been seen, hundreds of thousands of kilometres have been traveled, thousands of euros have been spent in shipping costs. Institutional candidates may be immersed in embezzlement cases, they do not have this obstacle to overcome, an obstacle that has delayed our campaign. We have organized meetings, poster campaigns, but but much less than we are able to do and which we will do in the coming weeks.

We thank the elected representatives, known or unknown, those of the small communes, the militants of other political currents, who sponsored the candidacy of Philippe Poutou.

Our campaign is really starting now and, for Philippe Poutou, the next few days will be symptomatic of the campaign we want to lead: on Monday, the only worker candidate will be on strike to safeguard his job.

For the NPA, the battle for the banning of redundancies, the distribution of working time to eliminate unemployment and the building of a balance of power in favour of the working classes are at the heart of our political campaign and the project we want to implement.

On Sunday 19 March, we will also be present at the demonstration against police violence, racism and dignity at 2 pm at Place de la Nation in Paris

Montreuil, March 17, 2017