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Arrest of seven Italian ex-militants: Macron tougher than Sarkozy!

Statement by the NPA

Monday 3 May 2021, by NPA - Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste

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It is with great emotion that we learned this morning [28 April] of the arrest of seven Italian activists, presented as former members of the Italian Red Brigades. Let’s remember that more than ten years ago, in 2008, Sarkozy’s police had already arrested one of them, Marina Petrella, with the aim of expelling her to Italy. After a year in prison, she was released by decision of Sarkozy thanks to all the solidarity mobilisations at both trade union and political levels.

By arresting seven former activists at dawn, Macron wants to do even more than Sarkozy, plunging us into a security overkill. A few days after the threatening tribune of far-right generals published by Valeurs actuelles, Macron decides to implement a commitment... made to Salvini. Quite a programme!

In doing so, the French state is endangering the lives of people who have been living in France for decades, whereas at the time the "Mitterrand doctrine" had allowed them to live and rebuild their lives. We know Marina Petrella, for example, who was able to build a life here, with her children and grandchildren... Today she is 66 years old and works for an association that looks after the elderly. We cannot imagine her ending her life in prison, and the same goes for her companions.

We will not let Macron and his government deport these ex-militants to Italy. The French state must respect the word given by Mitterrand, as president of the Republic, several decades ago. It is an injustice and a real "double standard" when we know, for example, that France still welcomes and protects Agathe Habyarimana, one of the main organisers of the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda, which killed 800,000 people, and whose extradition was refused last year on the instructions of the Public Prosecutor!

In the face of this climate of increasing security and freedom, our anger and solidarity remain intact.

Wednesday 28 April 2021


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