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The Greek people owe nothing, neither to the French state nor the ECB

Statement by the NPA

Thursday 5 February 2015, by NPA - Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste

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This statement was issued by the NPA on the occasion of Alexis Tsiprasis’s visit to Paris.

By deciding to increase the rates and the guarantees demanded from Greece, the European Central Bank is trying to strike a blow against the Greek people and impose on them the continuation of the austerity policies which they have massively rejected.

The 315 billion euro Greek “debt”, 40 billion of which were given by France to the European funds, was used primarily for the banks of Western Europe, notably the French banks, to refund loans made in the last decade with the blessing of the Central Bank. Previously, it was arms sales and the Athens Olympic Games which had benefited the main European capitalist groups.

This “debt” obviously never benefited the Greek people who do not have any reason to refund it. In fact on the contrary the European capitalist groups who thus extorted billions.

The French government must stop demanding the refunding of the Greek debt.

The total cancellation of the Greek debt, or even partial as the current Greek government is asking, must not be paid by the French taxpayers who would have “bear the burden” 700 euros as many political leaders of the PS, UMP or the FN are claiming in chorus. It is up to the banks and financial companies to pay the debt of which they were and are the principal recipients.

This will have to be imposed by the workers and peoples.

The great fear of all the European capitalists and their parties is obviously that the Greek example will gain credibility and that the popular classes throughout will Europe cease paying to increase the profits of the banks and employers. We express our total solidarity with the Greek people against the European capitalists and do everything to heighten their fears.

For the NPA, the next meeting of the Eurogroup, devoted to Greece, should the occasion of a European mobilization in support for the Greek people and for the cancellation of the debt.


5 February 2015