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Baba Jan sentenced to life imprisonment along with 11 others – Solidarity needed!

Thursday 25 September 2014, by Farooq Tariq

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Awami Workers’ Party general secretary appeals for international support for leading activist jailed for “terrorism” for helping climate change victims.

Letter to solidarity networks

Dear all,

You all know Baba Jan of Gilgit who spend two years in jail for helping the climate change victims of Attabad Lake in Gilgit Beltestan, before he was released on bail. Today, an anti terrorist court in Gilgit sentenced him and 11 others to life imprisonment. He was not present in the court as he had requested his lawyers to ask for a delay of court proceeding as he along with other delegates were coming to Islamabad to attend Awami Workers Party first congress.

Baba Jan was a main leader of Labour Party Pakistan before it merged with Awami Workers Party in November 2012. He was elected as vice president of this new party of the Left in Pakistan.

AWP is going to hold its first congress on 27,28 September in Islamabad. baba Jan along 10 others were delegate to this congress.

Awami Worker’s Party chairman Fanoos Gujjar, president Abid Hasan MInto, women’s secretary Farzana Bari and general secretary Farooq Tariq have condemned this severe sentences by an anti terrorism court. They said in a joint statement that terrorists are set free by these courts and political activists are sentenced, an easy target of these courts meant to eliminate terrorism.

They said that AWP will launch an international campaign to condemn these sentences and to demand withdrawal of these sentences.

Farooq Tariq

25 September 2014

For full information on the Baba Jan case see ESSF.