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Marxist leader killed in suicidal attack

Wednesday 21 October 2009, by Farooq Tariq

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A prominent labour leader Master Khudad Khan was killed in suicidal
attack in Peshawar on 15 October. He was on his way for a meeting and
was passing by an intelligence center when a religious fanatic blew
himself killing him and several others on the spot.

The unfortunate side of this episode is that the body of Master Khudad
is not handed over to his relatives. A picture of the dead bodies
printed in a local paper confirmed the relatives on 18 October that
Master Khudad is among the victims.

He was missing from home since 15 October and there was no clue of him.

Master Khudad was the deputy general secretary of Pakistan Workers
Confederation, a founding member of Bonded Labour Liberation Front and
was a close friend of Ihsan Ullah Khan, who lives in exile in Sweden.

Pakistan Worker Confederation is the main body of trade unions in

Master Khudad was elected provincial information secretary of Labour
Party Pakistan in its founding congress held on 21 November 2004 in
North West Frontier Province. He remained a committed member of LPP till
his death.

Master Khudad was one of the very few labour leaders of the province who
had organized the working class all their lives.

I had not many meetings with him but when he accepted our invitation to
join LPP and took active part in mobalising the membership for the two
days founding congress of LPP in 2004, I had a chance to discuss with
him in detail. He accepted to be part of the leadership.

Master khudad main contribution to the working class movement in
Pakistan has been his role in establishing Bonded Labour Liberation
Front (BLLF). He helped many to flee from the chains of slavery.

Farooq Ahmad member national executive committee LPP in collaboration of
others is launching a campaign to recover his body.

This is the second main leader of LPP who have lost his life in a
suicidal attack. Earlier Abdullah Qureshi, a senior leader of LPP was
killed in December 2007 in Matta, Swat by a religious fanatics in a
suicidal attack.

Here is a part of press report printed by Daily News on September 2007.