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Help LPP to fight the terror

of religious fundamentalism and American Imperialism’s war on Afghanistan

Friday 16 November 2001, by Farooq Tariq

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Dear friends,

This is a formal appeal from Labour Party Pakistan to help the party in this crucial juncture of Pakistan history. The LPP National Executive Committee in its three days meeting at Lahore from 4thto6th October decided to launch a peace movement in Pakistan. The main slogans will be, No to War, No to Imperialists aggression, No to the terror of religious fanatics, and for a peace full democratic Pakistan.

There will a Peace demonstration on 15th October in Lahore. The demo will start from Press Club Lahore to Charring Cross at 3.30pm. We are publishing posters and leaflets for a mass fly posting and distribution. It will be done at the other places including Hyderabad, Karachi and Islamabad during this month. The dates will be announced this week.

LPP is organizing these peace rallies in a very hostile atmosphere where religious fundamentalists are taking the streets every day. They want to go for a Jihad (Islamic War) against Americans, who were once their best friends politically and economically. Religious fundamentalists are the new kind of fascists and must be opposed in every aspect. LPP believe in no compromise or alliance with these religious fanatics on any issue. It boycotted the All Parties Conference called by religious fundamentalist Jamaat-I-Islami on 21st September on the question of restoration of the constitutions. Only LPP and PPP were the parties, which announced a boycott despite being formally invited. This was in line with the policies of LPP. Unfortunately, PPP is siding with US imperialism at this time.

LPP has a very proud record of fighting in practice for its agreed principals of Peace, democracy and socialism. It prints every week Workers Struggle, the only Weekly that brings up the issue that capitalist media try to distort or ignore.

Over 100 activists of LPP have gone to jails during the last two years for fighting for restoration of democracy and workers rights. All the main leaders of LPP have been in jail during this time.

Now once again, LPP has taken up the challenge to fight the imperialist war and religious terrorism. We need your support in all aspects.

1- Please makes a donation to LPP on the following account:

Education Foundation Donations

Foreign currency account (US dollars)

Account number 1161774808090

Standard Grindlays Bank, Gulberg Branch

Main Boulevard, Gulberg

Lahore, Pakistan

2- Please visit our website for update information:


Please take a subscription of the Weekly, if you can read Urdu:

Weekly Mazdoor Jeddojuhd,
40 Abbot Road Lahore Pakistan

Pakistan Rupees 300 for a year

Outside Pakistan $50 for a year

Send your amount to the above account as well

3- If you are in Pakistan and is not a member of LPP, take up the membership, You can also become a supporter of the party by donation certain amount to the party every month. Please ask for more information,


Farooq Tariq General secretary