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We Have to Say Loudly No To War!

Thursday 28 February 2019, by Farooq Tariq

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Stop this madness on both sides

We are passing through very dangerous times; a fully fledged war is not ruled out.

We have to say loudly No To War, not only in Pakistan but in India and internationally everywhere: no one would be safe if the war breaks out.

Our South Asian friends: raise your voices for peace!

Gunning down of two Indian Air Force planes by Pakistan has escalated the real danger of a full fledge war. Things can go out of control, two atomic powers going to war can endanger the whole planet.

We got to intervene to stop this madness on both sides.

Prospect of an atomic war between India and Pakistan must not be taken lightly, by the world anti war movement.

We need an international anti war movement to force the two nations before this madness becomes a reality.

This issue must be addressed urgently at all level, formally, informally, at UN level, at all social movements level internationally, particularly at South Asian level.

In Pakistan, there will be several peace demonstrations

• On 28 February:
3pm at Lahore press Club, Shimla Pehar
Karachi Press Club, 3pm
Islamabad Press Club, 3:30 pm

• And a global call for peace
Sunday 3 March, 3pm, Shimla Pehari Lahore

All those struggling for peace should participate.

Please join the peace demonstrations!

Against madness on both sides, No to war, Yes to Peace

Let’s make our voices heard on the streets. Let’s not waste this opportunity to call for a permanent durable peace.