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Good news from Gilgit Baltistan

Thursday 25 May 2017, by Farooq Tariq

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Farooq Tariq posted this on Thursday 25 May.

There were fourteen activists whose review petitions at the Supreme Court Gilgit Baltistan were to be heard today, including Baba Jan. All were facing two life sentences.

The decision of the court after the argument is :

 The cases of 12 including Baba Jan are adjourned and will be heard after Eid, – this was our arguments at the court that give us some more time and some other senior lawyers would like to appear on Baba Jan’s behalf.

 The cases of two are remanded to trial court, that mean that their life sentence is suspended.

Seniority Advocates Amjad Hussain, Ihsan Ali and Nazir Ahmed appeared on our behalf and argued the case.

Advocate Ihsan Ali is president of the Supreme Court Bar Association in Gilgit Baltistan, Advocate Amjad Hussain is president of PPP (Pakistan People’s Party) GB,

The decision today is a sort of victory for us, two activists life sentences are suspended, and we have more time to prepare Baba Jan and other 11 cases

Thank you all who demonstrated inside and outside Pakistan and signed the international appeal, it all helped today.