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Protest rally of Huqooq e Khalq Party breached police barriers to reach Governor House

Huge Protest outside Governor House against rising electricity price and inflation

Sunday 13 August 2023, by Farooq Tariq

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Lahore, Hundreds of political workers including women and children from Haqooq e Khalq party reached governor house after starting the march from Charing Cross. Police tried unsuccessfully to stop the marchers from reaching governor house. The protestors were chanting slogans against rising inflation and hike in electricity prices.

Addressing the participants of the rally, Haqooq e Khalq Party Central President Farooq Tariq said that by sidelining PTI, the present ruling coalition should not think that there is no one to oppose their unpopular policies. Haqooq e Kahlq party has always stood up for the rights of working class and it will continue to protest against the IMF dictated policies of the present regime.

Farooq Tariq demanded that that the government should stop working on the neoliberal agenda. He damanded from the government to increase minimum wage to 50000, as the increase in utilities has had a crushing effect on poor people. Farooq said that Haqooq e Khalq party is strictly opposed to any privatization program.

The Central General Secretary of Haqooq e Khalq Party, Dr. Ammar Ali Jan also criticzed the PDM government for its anti-people policies. While addressing the participants, Jan said that it has become impossible for working families to sustain their livelihood because of the rising inflation. He added that the policy of the government is to subsidize the rich elite and impose heavy taxes on working families. Jan said that Haqooq e Khalq party will soon launch a massive campaign against these policies and it will start by organizing protests outside the Chief Minister office.

Protesters of Haqooq e Khalq party were chanting slogans against IMF and the ruling coalition.


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