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Arrested Ali Wazeer, top twitter trend, human rights bodies demands a parliamentary commission to probe the killings of 13

Wednesday 29 May 2019, by Farooq Tariq

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Arrested parliamentarian Ali Wazir has become the top trend on Twitter a day after his arrest on 28th May 2019. Tens of thousands participated in the Twitter thread #WhereisAliWazir?

In addition to the campaign on social media, the protest demonstrations in former FATA, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and dozens of cities of Balochistan have been witnessed showing suport to PTM.

This pressure forced the authorities to present Ali Wazirin to the anti-terrorism court in Banu. The court gave eight-day physical remand. Later, the counter-terrorism police took him into custody and transferred him to Peshawar.

There are also unconfirmed reports that during custody Ali Wazir has been tortured and his leg is fractured. Ali Wazir, who is suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes, is being denied the possibility to get medicines.

According to an ISPR report on Monday, five more bodies have been found near the shooting site on Sunday. So this terrible incident which led to the death of eight people has been officially acknowledged. While Mohsin Dawar, another member of the PTM, has said in a video message that 13 people have been killed in this incident while more than 30 injured.

Mohsen Davar, also a parliamentarian, has also announced a protest in Miran Shah against above mentioned incident and appealed to his friends , followers and friends to reach Miran Shah.

In this video, Mohsin Dawar also accompanied the Chief of the Grand Wazir Jirga Dr. Gul Alam Wazir, who told that security forces wanted to kill them. Mohsin Dawar denied the charge of attack on the check post and said that his organization is peaceful and would stay peaceful. He said we never broke any law and never committed any small violation.

According to the reports, protests against PTM workers and arrests of Ali Wazir and their eight colleagues have been going on in the other parts of the country. Thousands of people are continuing demonstrations in Ali Wazir Khan’s own constituency, Wana, for the past two days and sitting outside the barracks.

There is also a protest movement in dozens of other cities of the country.

Use of power by state authorities to suppress such mass movements always has repercussions and authorities never learn from history. History tells that such movements which are based on real issues can never be suppressed by the usage of force and power.

After this incident, it is evident that the PTM movement is flourishing and gathering mass support. As soon as the news of firing spread, authorities imposed curfew but it could not stop peple coming out to street to protest.

The news of May 26 has been covered by international press too and the international organization of human rights and prisoners’ protection organization Amnesty International has demanded Pakistan government to conduct an independent and effective investigation of this incident. The organization said there was no moral justification for opening fire on unarned people.

The Human Rights Commission (HRCP) of Pakistan has called for a parliamentary commission on the incident and and asked for presenting Ali Wazir to the parliament immediately.

The Muslim League, the Pakistan People’s Party, the Awami National Party, the Pakhtunkhwa National Party, the Awami Workers Party, the Jamaat-ul-Islami Islam, also condemned the incident, demanding immediate release of Ali Wazir in his statements.

While the ministers of Tehreek-e-Insaf were shamelessly justifying firing the arrests, though dozens of videos of the incident were denying official claims. The PTM leader and member of the National Assembly Mohsin Dawar, who walked 40 km to reach at a safe place, has also denied the allegations.

The situation is at a very critical stage at this time. The protesters are continuing. Rangers and police have arrested tpeaceful protestors in Karachi.

In his video message, Mohsin Dawar said that all those involved in the procession were unarmed and security personnel started firing at them at the time when he and his friends joined the protest. Millions of messages have been issued on social media for Ali Wazir.

And the majority of the people on social media have rejected the government vesion of the incident.

28 May 2019

This is a translation of an article by Farooq Tariq printed in Urdu Daily “Jeddojuhd On Line”


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