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VERY URGENT CALL FOR SIGNATURES – Release Baba Jan! An International Appeal to the Pakistani and Gilgit-Baltistan Governments

Sunday 21 May 2017, by Farooq Tariq

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This is a very urgent call for solidarity signatures. Baba Jan, a dedicated activist from Gilgit-Balistan, north of Pakistan, is appealing against a life sentence. His final review petition will be heard by the Supreme Court May 25, 2017. To have an effect, this international call has to be sent Monday 22, 2017 in the evening (European time).

Baba Jan is a political activist in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) facing a life sentence along 12 more at Gahkooch jail. He is a federal committee member of the Awami Workers Party and president of the Progressive Youth Front. He was sentenced on charges of rioting and organising illegal rallies in 2010. His real “crime” was to help the victims of Atta Abad Lake to receive a fair compensation. The lake was established after the land sliding that blocked the path of the river.

In 2010, when the people of Ali Abad, the main city of Hunza Valley, protested for fair compensation for all the genuine victims of the Atta Abad Lake, the police opened fire, killing two protesters, the father and his son. There was immediately very strong protests and people rebelled. Baba Jan was not there at the time. He later joined the protests and tried to cool down the temperature of the mood of the people by organising rallies and demonstrations. It was promised that a police case would be registered against the police officer responsible for firing on the peaceful demonstrators.

Instead, various police cases were registered, under the anti-terrorist laws, against Baba Jan, along over 100 activists from various political parties. Anti-terrorist laws are very often used against political activists in Pakistan and Gilgit-Baltistan on political grounds.

Baba Jan and his 12 colleagues were sentenced to life in 2014 by the anti-terrorist court – it has never been heard earlier that demonstrators would receive such a sentence for protesting! Later, the High Court of GB acquitted Baba Jan upon his appeal against the verdict.

Baba Jan contested the general elections in 2015 and came second in his home constituency. However, when a bye election was to be held again in the same constituency, after the winner was made governor of Gilgit-Baltistan, and it emerged that no one could match the popularity of Baba Jan, the government went to the Supreme Court and asked that their appeal for Baba Jan acquittal must be heard before the election and the election was postponed.

Later, the Supreme Court restored the life sentence of Baba Jan. Many believed the decision was taken on a political basis, to keep Baba Jan out of the contest.

The Supreme Court will hear a final review petition of Baba Jan on 25th May 2017.

This is to demand that the government of Gilgit-Baltistan withdraw its appeal at the Supreme Court and plead at the Supreme Court for the release of Baba Jan and all others, and to release all of them.

This is also to demand the publication of the judicial commission report on the original incident and the implementation of the recommendations. This judicial commission was established by the GB government itself to investigate the whole incident. Its report was never published.

Fourth update of 25 May 2017.


Txema Abaigar, editor Infogaia, internationalist and anticapitalist blog, Spanish State

Sébastien Abbet, student, MPS, Suisse

Serge Aberdam, historian, France

Eva Abuin Bideburu, councilor, Baleike Arrasate, Spain

Gilbert Achcar, Professor, School of Oriental and African Studies, London University, UK

Louis Adam, Ensemble, France

Abraham Agulhas, South Africa

Yoko Akimoto, Japan

Al Mounadil-a Current, Morocco

Badrul Alam, President , Bangladesh Krishok Federation, Bangladesh

Professor Peter Alexander, South Africa

Karamat Ali, executive director Pakistan Institute of Labour Research and Education (PILER), Pakistan

Sher Ali Khan, Herald magazine, Pakistan

Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, Chairman, United Kashmir People’s National Party, Kashmir

Marina Albiol, Member of the European Parliament, Spain

Guillermo Almeyra, historian and periodista, México

María à lvarez Moctezuma, Human Rights Defender, México

Ronaldo Ambangan, Erumanon IPS, Philippines

Samir Amin, economist, Egypt

Javed Anand, Convener, Indian Muslims for Secular Democracy (IMSD), India

Mercia Andrews, South Africa

Martina Anderson, Member of the European Parliament, United Kingdom

Léila André, Trade Union Council SNUIPP-FSU 06, France

Rommy Arce, concejala de Ahora Madrid, Spain

Janie Arnéguy, Ensemble, France, Conseillère Municipale Nîmes, France

Gustavo Arteagarre, Secretario de Finanzas, Sintramenpet, Venezuela

Mick Armstrong, Socialist Alternative, Australia

Asia Monitor Resource Centre (AMRC), Hong Kong

Brian Ashley, South Africa

Uraz Aydin, trade union activist (teacher), editor Yeniyol magazine, Turkey

Elisabeth Badinter, Philosophe, France

Alex Bainbridge and Susan Price, National Co-Convenors, Socialist Alliance, Australia

Abulcair Balindong, National Chairperson, MindanaOne Tri-Peoples’ Movement for the Advancement of Peoples’ Democratic Rights, Mindanao, Philippines

Johnny Balindong, MPPM, Philippines

Dr Farzana Bari, Pakistan

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Alain Baron, Union syndicale Solidaires, France

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Jean Batou, Member Geneva Parliament and Professor, Lausanne University, Switzerland

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Amit Bhaduri, Professor Emeritus, JNU, New Delh

Tithi Bhattacharya, Associate Professor of History, Purdue University, United States

Mushtaq Bhati. M. A. Pol. Science. B.ZU. Multan. Social and political worker, Pakistan

Katarzyna Bieli?ska-Kowalewska (PhD) Political Scientist, Philosopher, Warsaw, Poland

Sandra Bloodworth, Editor Marxist Left Review, Australia

Ed Bober, Chair, North Norfolk Trades Union Council, UK

Martine Boichot, Ensemble, France

Pascal Boissel, psychiatrist, president of the Union syndicale de la psychiatrie, France

Maria Bolari, Unité Populaire, former Member of Parliament, Greece

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Samia Bomfin, Vereadora de São Paulo, Brazil

Professor Patrick Bond , South Africa

Rudel Bongcales, Liga ng Makabagong Kabataan (LMK), Philippines

Rita Bonheur, president, Union des femmes de la Martinique

Luis Bonilla-Molina Coordinador Internacional de la Red Global/ Glocal por la calidad educativa (Global/Glocal network for the quality education)

Roger Bonita, Secretario de Actas y Correspondencias, Sintramenpet, Venezuela

Borderless Movement, Hong Kong

Mathieu Bost, trade unionist Sud Rail/Solidaire, France

Stephen Bouquin, Gewoon Hoogleraar sociologie, Belgium

Joseph Bourges, member of Attac, France

José Bové, Member of the European Parliament, France

Lynn Boylan, Member of the European Parliament, Ireland

Peter Boyle, Socialist Alliance, Australia

Patrick Braouezec, Honorary Member of the Parliament, France

Robert Brenner, Professor Emeritus, University of California Los Angeles, United States

K.J. Brito Fernando - Families of the Disappeared - President - Sri Lanka

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Erica Burman, Professor of Education, University of Manchster, UK

Lorena Cabrerizo, Consejera Ciudadana Podemos CM, Spanish State

Michel Cahen, historian, CNRS-Sciences Po Bordeaux, France

Edgardo Calantungan, TRIPOD, Philippines

Susan Caldwell, Montreal, Quebec

Laura Camargo, diputada del Parlamento Balear (Podemos), Spanish State

Raúl Camargo, MP Podemos Madrid, militant of Anticapitalistas, Spanish State

Campaign for climate justice (CCJN), Nepal

Osmán Cañizales, directivo sector Construcción Carabobo, Venezuela

Edgardo Capablanca, Kagaapay OFWRSC, Philippines

Matt Carthy, Member of the European Parliament, Ireland

Anne-Sophie Carton, militante associative, cadre fonction publique, Seine Saint Denis, France

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Hernan Castillo, Secretario General de Trabajadores Cereales, Grupo POLAR, Venezuela

Jam Caylan, Kilos Ka, Philippines

J.-M. Cerino, France

Miguel Chacón, Secretario de Deportes; Sintramenpet, Venezuela

Françoise Châlons, Ensemble Lyon, France

Fathi Chamkhi, Member of the Parliament, Tunisie

Dr Gerard Chaouat, Ensemble, France

Kunal Chattopadhyay, Professor of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University, India

Josefina Chávez, feminista mexicana

Gabriel Chel, France

Oksana Chelysheva, journalist, Russia

Kamal Mitra Chenoy, Professor, Centre for Comparative Politics & Political Theory, School of International Studies, India

Anuradha Chenoy, Professor, Centre for Russian and Central Asian Studies, School of International Studies, India

Noam Chomsky, Professor (retired), MIT, Cambridge MA, United States

Ashok Choudhary, General Secretary, All India Union of Forest Working People (AIUFWP), India

Nora Ciapponi, Frente Popular Darío Santillán-CN, Argentina

Marijke Colle, biologist, feminist, Belgium

Joan Collins TD, member of Irish Dail, Ireland

Coordinación Nacional del Foro Latinoamericano y Caribeño de los Trabajadores de la Energía, Capítulo Venezuela (14 members signed)

Committee for Asian Women, Asia

Confederation of Indonesia People Movement (KPRI), Indonesia

Javier Contreras Villaseñor, PRT, México

Terry Conway, Socialist Resistance, Great Britain

Anna Cornaggia Turco, Italy

Jennevie Cornelio, Secretary General, Alliance of Tri-People for the Advancement of Human Rights (ALTAHR), Philippines

Javier Couso, Member of the European Parliament, Spain

François Coustal, Ensemble, Paris, France

Anna Maria Cuomo Ulloa, Mouvement: Rete di Donne per la Politica, Genova (Réseau de Femmes pour la Politique àGenes), Italy

Annick Coupé, general secretary, ATTAC, France

Pierre Cours-Salies, Professor, sociology, Paris 8-Saint-Denis University (GTM/CNRS), France

Elizabeth Cox, retired UN Director, Australia

Sergi Cremades Fernández, concejal y portavoz Si-podem y Secretario General de Podem Petrer, Spanish State

Léon Crémieux, trade union activist Sud Aérien/Solidaires

Patrice Cugillère, France

Alain Cyroulnik, France

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Joseph Daher, Syria Freedom for Ever, Switzerland-Syria

Jean-Pierre Dardaud, former president Frères des Hommes, France

Lucile Daumas, Rabat, Morocco

Prof. Samantak Das, Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University, India

Wilfred Dcosta, Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF), New Delhi, India

Ludo De Brabander, vrede vzw - spokesman, Ghent, Belgium

Alex de Jong, Editor, Grenzelos, The Netherlands

Herman De Ley, Emeritus Professor, Ghent University, Belgium

Enrique de los Reyes, Political Consultant on Peace Process between the RWP-M and the GRP, Philippines

Fabio De Masi, Member of the European Parliament, Germany

Nadia De Mond, feminist, activist from Non Una di Meno movement, Italy

Jean Pierre Debourdeau, former coordinator ("Département" level) FSU and ATTAC, member of the Orientation Council of the Copernic Foundation, France

Olivier Delbeke, trade unionist, France

Samy Delima, Multi-Stakeholders Initiatives for Humanitarian Actions against Disasters (MiHANDs), Philippines

Nika Deslauriers, President, Québec solidaire, Quebec

Dr. Jeyakumar Devaraj, Member of Parliament, Malaysia

Sushovan Dhar, Radical Socialist, India

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Admilson dos Santos Canuto, aposentado, ex-dirigente sindical dos bancários no Brasil, Federação Nacional dos Economiários, Brazil

Felicity Dowling, Left Unity, Great Britain

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Fleury Drieu, professeur des écoles, trade unionist, SNUIPP-FSU, France

Colin O Driscoll, Co-Chair Labour International (International Section of the British Labour Party), UK

Jacek Drozda, PhD, cultural researcher, trade unionist, Poland

Lalia Ducos - Women’s initiative for Citizenship and Universals Rights (WICUR)

Penelope Duggan, Editor, International Viewpoint

Flodelyn Dumasapal, ERDAC Inc., Philippines

Olivier Dussart, NPA, France

Taxiarhis Efstathiou, member of the General Council of the National Federation of Public Sector Workers, Greece

Josu Egireun, editorial board of Viento Sur, Spain

Michel Eggermont, Council member SP Utrecht, The Netherlands

Edgardo Egot, DKMP-Lanao, Philippines

Didier Epsztajn, blog « entre les lignes entre les mots », France

Eszmelet journal editors, Hungary

Roger Etkind, South Africa

Kamil Ahmed Engineer & Pol Activist ( PSF.) Lahore, Pakistan

Jessie Estrada, Lanao Aquatic and Marine Fisheries Center for Community Development, Inc. (LAFCCOD), Philippines

Yvette Fabre, SNES-FSU (retired) Côte d’Or, France

Corazon Valdez Fabros, Stop the War Coalition, Philippines

Patrick Farbiaz, Sortir du Colonialisme, France

Sònia Farré diputada a Cortes de En Comú Podem, Spanish State

Dianne Feeley, editor, Against the Current magazine, United States

Yaneis Felekis, long-time militant, prisoner during the military dictatorship 1967-1974, Greece

Bong Fenis, MPPM, Philippines

Elisabeth Ferreira, lawyer, Geneva, Switzerland

Nathalie Fiala, citizen, France

Barry Finger, United States

David Finkel, editor, Against the Current magazine, United States

Roberto Firenze, Communia Network, Italy

Focus on the Global South

Jacques Fontaine, Ensemble !, France

Eleonora Forenza, Member of the European Parliament, Italy

Jacques Fortin, LGBT anticapitalist activist, France

Dr Dick Forslund, Sweden

Pascal Franchet, president, CADTM France

Nancy Fraser, Loeb Professor of Philosophy and Politics, New School for Social Research
Vice-President and President Elect, American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division
Global Justice Chair, Collège d’études mondiales, Paris
Professor II, Centre for Gender Research, University of Oslo

Fujio Ichii, Yusei Yunion (Postal Union ), Japan

Rena Marie Gahum, Chairperson, Alliance of Youth for Peace in Mindanao (AKMK)

Ioanna Gaitani, Unité Populaire, former MP, Greece

Oscar García Miguelez. Concejal en Berango (Bizkaia), Spanish State

Camila Andrea Galindo, Movimiento Ecosocialista, Colombia

Boy Gatchalian, CLUTCH, Inc., Philippines

Franck Gaudichaud, Researcher, Grenoble-Alpes University, France

Daniel Geffner, diputado de las Cortes Valencianas de Podemos, Spanish State

Luciana Genro, Dirigente Nacional do PSOL, Brazil

Dominique Gérardin, Lille II University (retired), trade unionist FSU, France

Paolo Gilardi, trade unionist (teacher), Geneva, Switzerland

Concepción Gómez, Secretario de Profesionales y Técnicos, Sintramenpet, Venezuela

Antonio González García, Ex Presidente Municipal Instituyente de 1993-1996 de Acatepec, Guerrero, México

Tania González Peñas, Member of the European Parliament, Spain

Hiromi Goto, ATTAC Japan (Kansai Group), Japan

Héctor Grad, Anticapitalistas (Spanish State), Red Solidaria contra la Ocupación de Palestina (Solidarity Network Against the Occupation of Palestine)

Martine Granier, spokesperson, NPA 34, France

Joseph Grim Feinberg, research, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Dorothy Guerrero, writer and activist with Global Justice Now

Guex Sébastien, Professeur àl’Université de Lausanne, Suisse

Manisha Gupte, co-founder of AJWS grantee Mahila Sarvangeen Utkarsh Mandal (MASUM), India

Janette Habel, politologue, France

Dr Salim Haidrani, London, United Kingdom

Sumi Hasegawa, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

Takaaki Hashino, Pastor of The United Church of Christ in Japan, Japan

Salima Hashmi, Artist educator, Pakistan

Andy Heintz, freelance writer and guest political columnist for Iowa and Kansas newspapers and progressive websites, United States

Marieme Helie Lucas, Secularism Is A Women’s Issue

Odile Hélier, France

Jorge Hernández, Secretario General Sindicato de Trabajadores VICSOn, Venezuela

Shamim Hhan, quality controller resident in Oman, member Jammu Kashmir National Awami Party, Oman

Yasuo Hishiki, Amnesty Internatuonal JAPAN member, Japan

Norbert Holcblat, economist, France

Jim Hollinshead Branch Chair UCU Liverpool, John Moore University, Great Britain

Nancy Holmstrom, Professor Emerita, Rutgers U, United States

Naomi Horihama, Japan

François Houtart, Professor, Instituto de Altos Estudios Nacionales (I.A.E.N.), Ecuador

Peter Hudis, Professor of Philosophy, Oakton Community College, United States

Andrej Hunko, MP, Die Linke, Member of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe, Germany

Jose Vicente Idoiaga, éditorial board, Professor Herriko Universitatea, Basque country/Euskal

Y. Inagaki, ATTAC Japan (Tokyo), Japan

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Jagaran, Nepal

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Aiskel Jiménez, Secretaria de Mujer y Familia; Sintramenpet, Venezuela

Samy Johsua, Honorary Professor, Aix Marseille University, France

Yves Juin, Ensemble - Bretagne, France

Harsh Kapoor, sacw.net, India

Sadet Karabulut, SP, Member of the Parliament, The Netherlands

Safder Karim Hunzai, accountant, Australia

Jean-Louis Karkides, Aulnay-sous-Bois, France

Claudio Katz, Economista, UBA, Argentina

Jimmy Kelly, Executive Council Member, TEEU, Ireland

Dr Andrew Kennedy, SOAS, London University, UK

Kenji Ago, ATTAC Japan, Japan

Kenji Kunitomi, Asian Solidarity School, Japan

Sheema Kermani, Tehrik-e-Niswan, Pakistan

Pierre Khalfa, economist, former member du CESE, France

Prof. Ijaz Khan, Chairman, Department of International Relations, University of Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Pakistan

Nighat Khan, Pakistan

Sameer Khan, Social Activist, Mozambique

Sherbaz Khan, SSO, Germany

Joost Kircz, Marxist Scholar and Scientific Publishing, The Netherlands

Chiyo Kitahata, Japan

Yoshihide Kitahata, ATTAC Japan (Kansai Group), Japan

Angela Klein, Editor Sozialistische Zeitung (Soz), Germany

Gal Kim, Affiliated Fellow, ICI-Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Berlin, Germany

Alain Krivine, former European MP, France

Jan Kofman, Professor (retired), historian and politacal scientist, Poland

Korean House for International Solidarity, South Korea

Tamas Krausz, Professor of History, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary

Marko Krzan, Initiative for democratic socialism, Slovenia

Zbigniew Marcin Kowalewski, editor, Instytut Wydawniczy Ksi??ka i Prasa, Poland

Masis Kurkcugil, historian-researcher, Turkey

Noriko Kyogoku, Japan

Dan La Botz, City University of New York, United States

Daniel Libreros, Movimiento Ecosocialista, Colombia

David Llorente, diputado en el Parlamento de Castilla La Mancha (Podemos), Spanish State

Olivier Landau, France

Joanne Landy, Co-Director, Campaign for Peace and Democracy, New York, United States

Ann-Carin Landström, Leftparty, Sweden

Dharmasiri Lankapeli, General Secretary, Federation of Media Employees Trade Unions, Sri Lanka

Eliana Leal, directivo sindical, Sinvesocv, Venezuela

Lembaga Informasi Perburuhan Sedane (LIPS), Indonesia

Tony A León Rojas, Secretario General, Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores del Ministerio de Petróleo de Venezuela (Sintramenpet ), Venezuela

Fatima Lintang-Ali, Kaagapay OFWRSC, Philippines

The editorial board, Le Monde Diplomatique-edycja polska, Poland

Peter Lindgren, teacher, Sweden

Ken Loach, film maker, UK

Sonja Lokar, Executive Director, CEE Network for Gender Issues, Ljubljana Office, Slovenia

Francisco Louça, economist, Lisboa University, Portugal

Michael Löwy, directeur de recherches émérite au CNRS, Paris, France

Eduardo Lucita, Economistas de Izquierda (EDI), Argentina

?ukasz ?ugowski, trade-unionist, journalist, economist, Poland

Bartosz ?ukaszewski, sociologist, PhD, Poland

Alan Maass, editor Socialist Workers newspaper, United States

Jeff Mackler, Socialist Action, United States

Piero Maestri, Communia Network, former provincial counselor Milano, Italia

Christian Mahieux, Trade-Unionist SUD-Rail [Solidaires], magazine Les Utopiques, France

Jan Malewski, Inprecor Editor, France

Jean Malifaud, Ensemble!, trade unionist SNESUP-FSU, France

Noël Mamère, mayor of Bègles, MP, France

Josing Manandil, Mindanao Tri-People Women Resource Center (MTWRC), Philippines

Gilles Manceron, Ligue des Droits de l’Homme (LDH), France

Mark Mandar, ALTAHR, Philippines

Angel Marcano, Secretario General, Sindicato de Trabajadores de Toyota, SintraToyota, Venezuela

Soma Marik, women’s movement activist and Associate Professor of History, RKSM Vivekananda Vidyabhavan, India

Philippe Marlière, University Professor (London), Ensemble, UK-France

Artur Maro?, sociologist, Poland

Agnès Martel, France

Myriam Martin, Ensemble ! spokesperson, France

Gustavo Martínez, Secretario General, Sindicato de Trabajadores de Occi Metal, Venezuela

Szymon Martys, journalist, Poland

Gustave Massiah, member of the International Council of the World Social Forum (WSF)

Efrén Mata, Secretario General, Sintramenpet, Venezuela

Katerina Matsa, psychiatre, Greece

Ismael Medina, directivo sindical, Sinttrachv, Venezuela

Fernanda Melchionna, Vereadora de Porto Alegre, Brazil

Attila Melegh, sociologist, Hungary

Richard Mellor, Facts for working people blog, United States

Qalandar Memon, Editor, Naked Punch Review, UK

Feliz Mercantil, Secretario General, Sintracarbozulia, Venezuela

Savas Michael-Matsas, écrivain, dirigeant de l’EEK, Greece

Anica Mikuš-Kos, doctov Ljubljana, Slovenia

Evelyne, Millet, retired, France

Allan Minted, Timuay Justice and Governance (TJG), Philippines

David Miranda, Vereador do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rastko Mocnik, Retired professor, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Olivier Mollaz, travailleur social, Ensemble, France

Patrick Mortal, teacher, Lille 3 University, trade unionist, France

Gaspar Mosela, Timuay Justice and Governance (TJG), Philippines

Gippo Mukendi Ngandu, teacher, trade-unionist, Italy

Bill V. Mullen, Professor of American Studies, Purdue University, United States

Laida Musa, ALTAHR, Philippines

Muto, Ichiyo, People’s Plan Study Group, Tokyo, Japan

Leila Nachawati Rego, writer (especially on the Middle East), Spain

Alberto Nadal, editorial board of Viento Sur, Spain

Mohammad Nafees, Freelance Journalist, Pakistan

Ghayath Naisse, socialist activist, Syria

Liaqat Nasser, Advocate, AWP, Pakistan

Alejando Navarro, Secretario General, Sintracarbozulia, Venezuela

Angel Navas, Presidente de la Federación de trabajadores de la Industria Eléctrica, FETRAELEC, Venezuela

Antonio Negri, philosophe, Italy

Ana Maria R. Nemenzo, Co-Convenor, DIGNIDAD Alliance, Philippines

Immanuel Ness, City University of New York, United States

Richard Neuville, trade unionist, activist for selfmanagment

Liadh Ní Riada, Member of the European Parliament, Ireland

Professor Noor Nieftagodien, South Africa

Amami Nizar, Member of the Parliament, Popular Front, general coordinator of the LGO, Tunisia

Trevor Ngwane, South Africa

Freddy Nuñez, Secretario de Reclamos, Sintramenpet, Venezuela

Paulino Núñez MR, Comuna Camino de Tierra y Libertad, Camino Viejo la Pastora, Guarairaepano, Caracas, Venezuela

Antonis Ntavanelos, Political Council, Popular Unity, DEA, Greece

Juan Ollarves, Secretario Ejecutivo de la Federación Unitaria de Trabajadores Petroleros de Venezuela PDVSA, (FUTPV), Venezuela

Dragomir Oluji? Oluja, Journalist, Belgrade, Serbia

Goldy Omelio, Kaagapay, OFWRSC, Philippines

Ozlem Onaran, Professor of Economics, UK

Organización Política La Caldera, Argentina

Mishi Oriel, ERDAC. Inc., Philippines

Henry Ospina, directivo sindical, Sinttrachv, Venezuela

Kuniko Ozawa, Japan

Gilbert Pago, historian, Martinique

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF), Pakistan

Ugo Palheta, Contretemps magazine, France

Angel Pandare, directivo sindical de los Trabajadores de Ford, Motors, Venezuela

Edna Pangilamen, TRIPOD, Philippines

Ian Parker, Emeritus Professor of Management, University of Leicester, UK

Jaime Pastor, politologue, director of Viento Sur, Spain

Vibhuti Patel, Professor and Head, Dept of Economics, SNDT Women’s University, India

Layla Pearron, Ensemble, France

Lisa Pelletti Clark, Co-President, International Peace Bureau

People’s SAARC, South Asia

Christian Pereira, Secretario General Sindicato de Trabajadores FCA (Chrysler), Sinttrachv y Presidente de la Federación Unitaria de Trabajadores Automotrices y Autopartistas FUTACC, Venezuela

Aldrin Pérez, Secretario General, Semboguajira - Carbón; Fertinitro, Venezuela

Stalin Pérez Borges, Consejo Consultivo de la Central Bolivariana de Trabajadores, Venezuela

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize, Argentina

Lucien Perpette, trade unionist (retired), Belgium

Janel Pesons, MPPM, Philippines

Armelle Perthus, spokesperson, NPA, France

Giovanni Peta, Italy

Philippe Pierre-Charles, general secretary, Centrale Démocratique Martiniquaise des Travailleurs (trade union center), Martinique

Neus Pineda Devesa, concejala cup Sí-Podem Petrer, Spanish State

Marie Plot, teacher, Seine-Saint-Denis, France

Pierre-O PIRA, teacher (retired), trade unionist, former local Council member, Lambersart (Nord), France

Guy Pourchet, honorary teacher, trade unionist Public Education, France

Gauri Pradhan, Pakistan

Rohit Prajapati, Environment Activist, India

Mario Pongase, Demokratikong Kilusan ng mga Magsasaka ng Pilipinas (DKMP-Lanao), Philippines

Christine Poupin, spokesperson, NPA, France

Philippe Poutou, NPA candidate, presidential election 2017, France

Harald Probst, Germany

Jesús Puerta, directivo Sindical de Trabajadores de General Motors, Sinvesocv, Venezuela

Ram Puniyani, All India Secular Forum, Mumbai, India

Anne Querrien, sociologue, magazine Multitudes, France

Paula Quinteiro Araujo, diputada de En Marea, Galicia, Spanish State

Mahnaz Rahman, member Women’s Action Forum, Pakistan

Samina Rahman educationalist, Pakistan

Agustín Ramos, novelista mexicano

Nalini Ratnarajah, Human Rights Defender, Sri Lanka

Renée Ravoteur, Martinique-France

Bodhisatwa Ray, Radical Socialist, India

Alain Raymond, UTOPIA, France

Christiane & Paul Réguer, France

Zia Ur Rehman - National Coordinator Pakistan Development

John Reimann, Oakland Socialist, USA

Félix Relautte, Groupe Révolution Socialiste (GRS), Martinique

Hans-Peter Renk, solidaritéS, conseiller général, Le Locle, Switzerland

Réseau Sortir du colonialisme (SDC), France

Dr Louis Reynolds, South Africa

Jean-Pierre Rigal, Ensemble, France

Julien Rivoire, trade-unionist, Snesup-FSU, Paris 13 University, France

Ritsuko Ichii, Japan

Roberto Robaina, Vereador de Porto Alegre, Brazil

Pablo Rochela, Consejo Ciudadano de Podemos Aragón, Spanish State

Neskutz Rodríguez Ormazabal, spokesperson Grupo Juntero Podemos Diputacion provincial Bizkaia, Spanish State

Yimy Rojas, directivo sindical, Ford, Motors, Venezuela

Yolanda Rouiller, philologue, Spain

Pierre Rousset, Europe solidaire sans frontières (ESSF), France

Dr Jeff Rudin, South Africa

William Ruiz directivo sindical, Sinttrachv, Venezuela

Endou Ryuta, ATTAC Japan (Koutou), Japon

Saito Ikuo, Attac Japan

Zazi Sadou, feminist activist, Algeria

Hilda Saeed, Pakistan

Rubina Saigol, Pakistan

Eiji Saitou, ATTAC Japan (Kansai Group), Japan

Yohichi Sakai, Japan Revolutionary Communist League (JRCL), Japan

Pierre Salama, Professor emeritus, Paris XIII University, France

Leonardo Saliga, TRIPOD, Philippines

Merlita Saliga, Mindanao Peoples’ Peace Movement (MPPM), Philippines

Catherine Samary, economist, France

Edgard Sanchez, Partido Revolucionarios de los Trabajadores (PRT), Mexico

Luis Angel Sanchez de Lachina, concejal de Galdakao Orain en el Ayuntamiento de Galdakao, Spanish State

Lola Sánchez Caldentey, Member of the European Parliament, Spain

Dr David Sanders, South Africa

Sumit Sarkar, retired professor of history, Delhi university, India

Tanika Sarkar, retired professor of history, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

J. B. Sauvage, France

Jakob Schäfer, trade Union activist, member of ISO, Germany

Vincent Scheltiens, historian, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Chris Schenk

Jason Schulman, co-editor, New Politics, United States

Glauber Sezerino, sociologue, association Autres Brésils, France

Stephen R. Shalom, New Politics magazine, United States

Ahmed Shawki, ISO, United States

Kyoko Shimizu, Asian Health Institute, Japan

Román Sierra, diputado a las Cortes de Aragón (Podemos), Spanish State

Roger Silverman, Newham Momentum, UK

Jonathan Simmel, parliamentary candidate, Red-Green Alliance, Denmark

Kostas Skordoulis, professor at the National University of Athens, Greece

Manos Skoufoglou, member of the Central Coordination Committee of Antarsya,
member of the national board of the Association of Greek Architects, Greece

Lidia Senra, Member of the European Parliament, Spain

Nicolas Springer, trade unionist SNES-FSU, France

Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM), Malaysia

Socialist Workers League (Nigeria)

Sindy Soler, Executive Director, MTWRC, Philippines

Søren Søndergaard /Soren Sondergaard, Red-Green Alliance in Denmark, Member of the Danish Parliament, Spokesperson on European Affairs, Spokesperson on Human Rights

Alda Sousa, Porto University, Portugal

South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication (SAAPE), South Asia

Claude Szatan, social activist, France

Pawe? Szelegieniec, social scientist, Poland

Henryk Szlajfer, Professor, Warsaw University, Poland

Fatou Sow, International Director, Women Living Under Muslim Laws

Nicole Taquet-Leroy, School Heard, former member of the Regional Council (Nord) ; (Ensemble), France

Gaspar M. Tamás, former Director, The Institute of Philosophy of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Budapest), Visiting Fellow, Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (Vienna)

Josephine Taneo, Ranaw Women and Children Resource Center (RWCRC), Philippines

Daniel Tanuro, ecosocialist activist. Member of the LCR, Belgium

Mohammad Tahseen, Pakistan

Farhana Tekoken, ALTAHR, Philippines

Karel ten Haaf, author and poet, The Netherlands

Laurence Thiery, France

Ovidiu Tichindeleanu, philosopher, Romania

Alan Thornett, Socialist Resistance, Great Britain

Marc John Tompar, MTPYC, Philippines

Luis Torres, directivo sindical, Sinttrachv, Venezuela

Arnold Torres, TRIPOD, Philippines

Estefanía Torres, Member of the European Parliament, Spain

Yen Torres, TRIPOD, Philippines

Eric Toussaint, spokesperson, CADTM-International

Josette Trat, sociologue and feminist, France

Enzo Traverso, historian, professor, Cornell University, United-Stats

Ugo Trevisiol, teacher, FSU trade union Auvergne, France

Juan Tortosa, CADTM-Suisse and SolidaritéS, Switzerland

Yannis Tsiomis, Directeur d’études, Professor, Associate Member, EHESS Paris, France

Marlene Tuininga, Journalist, France

John Tully, writer and historian, Australia

Christian Tutin, Professeur d’économie, Université de Créteil, France

Jason Ulubalang, Teduray and Lambangian Youth and Students Association (TLYSA), Philippines

Miguel Urbán, president of the Podemos group in the European Parliament and secretary for Europe of Podemos

Igor Urizar Murgoitio, councilor, Arrasate, Spain

Jose Uztariz, Secretario de Jubilados y Pensionados, Sintramenpet, Venezuela

Marie Vabre, Maitre de Conférences, Lille III University, France

Roseline Vachetta, former European MP, France

Lot van Baaren, FNV Dutch Trade Union Federation, member of the Board, The Netherlands

Arend van de Poel, Librarian, IIRE, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Achin Vanaik, Retired Professor of International Relations, University of Delhi, India

Jesús Vargas, directivo sindical sector construcción Carabobo, Venezuela

Christian Varin, NPA, France

Prof. Lino Veljak, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Flavia Verri, Ensemble !, France

Pedro Vianna, poet, writer, civil society activist, France

Saltarelli Victoria, trade-union activist, Sud Éducation, France

Gabriel Viennet, doctor, member of Ensemble! Mouvement pour une alternative de gauche solidaire et écologique, France

Elise Ville, Employée de Vie Scolaire, Lyon, France

Sébastien Ville, Ensemble ! France

Patrick Viveret, philosophe, France

Tomoko Wada, member of Civil Society, the Earth location, Japan

Vilma Wahid, CONZARRD, Philippines

Alan Wald, Professor Emeritus, Michigan University, Ann Arbor, et éditorial board of Against the Current

Dr Peter Waterman, Senior Lecturer in Politics Programme, Institute of Social Studies (retired), The Hague, The Netherlands

Lois Weiner, Professor, New Jersey City University, United States

Thomas Weyts, SAP-LCR Belgium

Beatrice Whitaker, France

Peterr Widén retired metalworker, Sweden

Neel Wijethilak, General Secretary, United General Workers Union, Sri Lanka

Working People Party (PRP), Indonesia

Francis Wurtz, Honorary Member of the European Parliament, France

Kei Yamaguchi, Japan

Faizun Zackariya, activist, Sri Lanka

Edwuard Zapata, Secretario General Sindicato de Hidrocentro, Venezuela

Bogus?aw Zi?tek, president WZZ "Sierpie? 80" (Free Trade Union "August 80"), Poland

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