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Baba Jan, imprisoned activist, election candidate

Tuesday 5 May 2015, by Farooq Tariq

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Baba Jan’s nomination papers to contest general elections for Gilgit Beltestan assembly for constituency GB 6 Hunza valley have been accepted by the returning officer. He is standing as an Awami Workers’ Party candidate.

This is despite the fact that he is still sentenced for life in one case while he is acquitted in another case.

We provided all the relevant documents that proved that the cases against Baba Jan are pending in courts and still has to be decided on merits. The life sentence is also challenged in the High Court.

The returning officer had commented on Saturday that this is a high profile candidate and he needed to see all relevant documents before taking a decision.

We hope that we will have a good campaign and good competition in this seat.

Facebook page Baba Jan.