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Labour Party Pakistan helps 4000 rain affected families

Monday 31 October 2011, by Farooq Tariq

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At the Federal executive committee meeting of Labour Party Pakistan held on October 30 in Lahore, Younas Rahu, general secretary Labour Party Sindh reported that 4000 rain affected families have been helped by the relief efforts by LPP. They belong to seven districts including Nawabshah, Sanghar, Dera Allah Yar, Badin, Mir Pur Khas, Thatha and Hyderabad. Over 50 percent of these 4000 belong to Hindu community of Sindh. LPP put up a special effort to reach to this community, which were normally left out by the Muslim religious parties working for relief in Sindh. Special efforts were also made to reach to peasant women in relief camps without any help.

Goods and cash worth 3,185,000 were distributed among the peasants and workers by LPP Sindh mainly through the Left activists and peasant leaders present in the rain affected areas. 7,85,000 Rupees were collected by LPP Sindh four relief camps at Hyderabad, Karachi, Moro and Thatha. While a Jholi fund was carried out in Larkana by LPP activists. Women activists were in the forefront of collecting funds in these camps. While, 2,300,000 were sent to LPP Sindh by Labour Relief Committee, a network of eight groups that include National Trade Union Federation, Women Workers Help Line, Pakistan Kissan Rabita Committee, Labour Party Pakistan, Labour Education Foundation, Pakistani For Palestine, Progressive Youth Front and CADTM Pakistan.

Goods worth of 600 to 800 Rupees was distributed the list of the receivers in affected areas prepared by the local committees. 500,000 Rupees were distributed among 500 families in Mir Pur Khas in cash of 1000 Rupees. Not a single incident of lout was witnessed throughout the distribution net work of LPP Sindh, a remarkable achievement of the distribution network of LPP Sindh.

Over 100 activists of LPP Sindh are involved in this relief effort. While over 20 comrades worked day and night on volunteer basis in this distribution work.

A pamphlet explaining the climate change negative effects of workers, peasants and women was distributed along with the packets. A political campaign against the government negligence for relief work was also part and parcel of this relief effort. Rallies on two occasions were carried out on different districts in Sindh to protest the state negligence towards the plight of thousands still in relief camps without any help by the state.

The relief efforts continue in different district and more developments will be reported later,