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AWP "condemns the senseless and merciless slaughter”

Statement by Awami Workers’ Party

Wednesday 17 December 2014, by Farooq Tariq

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The Awami Workers Party condemns the senseless and merciless slaughter of innocent school-children in the attack by militant jihadists in Peshawar.

One hundred and forty-one died, including 132 students, at a school in Peshawar after religious fanatics took over the school this morning.

The AWP expresses its sincere condolences to the parents and family of the innocents killed in this act of inhuman brutality, fueled by the genocidal, millenarian ideology of militant Islamism.

The AWP restates its stance that the Pakistani state and military’s decades-long support of jihad as an instrument of policy (including the failed policy of strategic depth) is directly responsible for the brutal menace of Islamist terrorism that is engulfing this country today. Apart from creating and supporting jihadist groups, for decades, the state and military (with the financial and political assistance of imperial powers) has indoctrinated millions with conservative Islamist ideologies for the purposes of keeping safeguarding its strategic interests, leading to the fascist violence killing innocent people in the country today. Further, the AWP also holds complicit in this slaughter those political parties who maintain links with these groups for their narrow political interests and subscribe to the same millenarian ideology of the fascist jihadists.

The AWP strongly believes that until the state completely abandons the ’national security state’ paradigm and its support for jihadist groups as ’strategic assets’ outright without discrimination and ceases the use of religion in matters of the state, this violence will not end.

The Awami Workers Party calls on all political forces in Pakistan to recognize the clear dangers of the Islamist fascism that is consuming this country and unite to eliminate state support for all forms of terrorism and end the abuse of religion as an instrument of state policy in Pakistan.

16 December 2014