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Anticapitalistas statement on electoral fraud

Monday 11 December 2017, by Anticapitalistas

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Given the recent events in Honduras, Anticapitalistas joins the international call of the Honduran people to denounce the electoral fraud by the current President and candidate for re-election Juan Orlando Hernandez of the National Party, who did not accept the first published results of the elections of November 26, which gave as potential winner of the presidency the opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla of the Alliance Against Dictatorship. We also denounce the repression and murders committed by the police and military forces against the mobilizations that are taking place in the country, leading to the declaration of a state of emergency.

From the first hours of the elections, initial results of the counting gave a potential victory to Nasralla by a wide margin and then the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) stopped publishing the results of the election for some hours. Suspiciously the new results published by the TSE showed a sudden change, giving a potential victory for the current President of Honduras. Alarm was ignited in the Honduran population and in the international community by this irregularity, since the current government in Honduras has been characterized by its repression of the political opposition, the violation of the human rights of the population and the use of the national institutions and the entire state apparatus for their own benefit.

We must not forget that our solidarity with the Honduran people has its antecedents and that we know what the economic and political elite of Honduras is capable of. A delegation from Anticapitalistas, as part of a delegation of international observers, witnessed the irregularities in the previous elections in Honduras (2013), which resulted in Juan Orlando Hernández proclaiming himself president in an electoral process also charged with irregularities and repression. These results were legitimized by the complicity of the TSE, the silence of the international community and the support for the results by the United States Embassy in Tegucigalpa and the Organization of American States (OAS).

Currently, it is expected that in the next few hours the TSE will again declare Juan Orlando Hernández the winner of the presidency of Honduras, by a margin of 46,000 votes despite the aforementioned irregularities, and with more than 5,000 votes that favour the opposition not being counted, according to the candidate Nasralla. [1]

So, before this new and obvious electoral fraud and because we cannot allow another outrage to democratic legitimacy and human rights in a country that has lived in a permanent situation of coup d’état since 2009, with more than one hundred political activists assassinated (how can we forget Berta Cáceres, among many others) and the most fundamental freedoms cut off, we of Anticapitalistas want to show our solidarity with the Honduran people and call for participation in all forms of mobilization in support that are convened in this regard in the Spanish state.

4 December 2017


[1This indeed happened (see here) and the opposition are calling for the results to be annulled here.