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Statement on the elections of May 24, 2015

Monday 25 May 2015, by Anticapitalistas

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These elections show that something has already changed. The historic defeat of the People’s Party is a forceful challenge to the policies of attack on rights, on democracy, a real slap in the face to the policies that have led to the working social majority into a situation of continuing impoverishment while the elites are enriched. It is only natural because the electorate is composed mostly of people that work every day to generate wealth and have suffered from the crisis. There is a fundamental advance in these elections: the consolidation of political tools such as the candidacies of Popular Unity and Podemos, through which the people have been able to express themselves. The popular mandate is clear: throw the PP out of all institutions without allowing the PSOE to provide a superficial replacement.

The map however, is complex. The territorial specificities show that the Spanish state, given its pluri-national nature is a multiform territory at the social, cultural and political levels and that this is also expressed in the election results. However, we can highlight a significant lesson that is reflected in the results in Madrid, Barcelona and Cadiz. Territorial implantation, the superiority of organization from below to purely electoral machines. This has allowed us to stand up to the right and conquer very significant positions for the popular classes.

It is now time to open a massive and democratic debate in the popular movement to win the coming general elections. We need to continue expanding and organizing the tidal wave of change, with open assemblies in all corners of the state. Popular unity, a radical break with the logic of managing austerity, a clear commitment to involving people in all the decisions that are to come, including the policy of pacts, are the way to win.

We remain. We broke through at the polls, now we need to implant ourselves in all corners of society.

Given the importance of the situation that has been opened and the depth of the changes that are in their infancy, throughout this week we will be making more detailed analyzes on the results and prospects.