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Celebrate the electoral breakthrough but prepare to continue fighting for a rupture

Statement by Anticapitalistas on the election results of December 20th

Tuesday 22 December 2015, by Anticapitalistas

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The rejection of the policies of cuts and aggression against the working classes that started on 15M also has been expressed today in the polls. It is a further demonstration that there are many people who have not given up, that there is a broad social base to continue to work for radical social and political change, that puts an end to the evictions, the abuses in banking, exploitation and labour precariousness, to macho violence, to the impediments to the self-determination of the peoples, to ecocide.

The PP came first in terms of votes but suffered a sharp decrease of seats. It is clear that there is a social majority that wants them out, that does not want the party of Barcenas and the Gürtel scandal to continue to govern. They have paid for corruption and rule in favour of the rich and against the working classes. This is good news: behind the political change, the new distribution of parliamentary power, there is a strong social opposition.

The PSOE is not sinking and this is not good news. Although lower in votes and seats, its resilience also marks the limits of the process of change: without mobilization, is difficult to further erode the PSOE. The challenge ahead is that the need to oust the PP does not lead to legitimizing the PSOE, a “left” that applies neoliberal policies, which has always ruled in favour of the elites.

The Ciudadanos phenomenon has proved less than expected. Its fourth position is a reminder that people prefer the original to the copy and that the centre, in a context of political polarization, has serious difficulties in developing itself. Its programme, a product of the FAES [1] and the neoliberal laboratories, has not been able to become the alternative to bipartisanship.

Our electoral reference point, Podemos and the organisations it is part of (En Marea, En Comú Podem, Compromis-Podem), came in third position, with an important breakthrough in votes, channelling the dynamic built up by 15M and the previous cycle of struggles, social discontent with the austerity policies and with the parties of the traditional left. It is important to notice that in Catalonia the overwhelming majority of the electorate voted in favour of the right to self-determination

We have reason to celebrate the result, but it is important that from this moment we prepare for tomorrow, beyond the possible dance of covenants and alliances. The Troika will want more cuts whoever governs, evictions are going to follow and capital’s power bases still remain intact: this is the struggle ahead and for that we must strengthen below (with other comrades, such as the people of IU- Popular Unity), in all fields. The polls close, the class struggle continues.

The institutional instability that has resulted from these elections opens new possibilities. Also for the people who hold that political change should not end in a new transition, but rather a democratic revolution that facilitates the free decision of the peoples and the participation of the citizenry in all decisions, which requires work to initiate new constituent processes. A democratic revolution which calls into question the current distribution of wealth, economic relations and property, which ensures democratic public ownership and control of the sources of energy and finance. A democratic revolution that aspires to build a society free of oppression and exploitation.

Celebrate the electoral progress but prepare to continue fighting for rupture. We continue the struggle.

December 21, 2015



[1FAES (Fundacion para el Análisis y los Estudios Sociales or "Foundation for Analysis and Social Studies" in English) is a Spanish think tank. It is a not-for-profit organization of conservative liberal ideology in Spain with strong links to the Popular Party (PP); it is even known informally as the "Popular Party’s ideas laboratory"