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Solidarity with the victims of the Barcelona attacks

Anticapitalistas press release

Friday 18 August 2017, by Anticapitalistas

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As Anticapitalistas we want to show our solidarity with the families and the friends of the people killed and wounded in the savage attack today in Barcelona. A horrible and unjustifiable attack, which seeks to gratuitously harm one of the most open and supportive cities in Europe, hospitable to refugees and proud of its diversity.

Faced with this attack, which only deserves our condemnation and repulsion, we trust in solidarity among ordinary people to protect us from those who act with violence against innocents. Only in this way will we prevent terrorist violence fulfilling its purpose and providing an excuse to the brutal to try to instrumentalize the pain and anger we feel, fuelling hatred and using it to attack certain groups and destroy our rights and freedoms.

Today is a very painful day. All our affection, respect and solidarity with the people wronged by barbarism.

17 August 2017