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Anticapitalistas on the outcome of the 26J elections

Thursday 30 June 2016, by Anticapitalistas

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The election result has not been as expected for those committed to political change to initiate social transformation. The Popular Party of Mariano Rajoy, a corrupt party responsible, for the policies of impoverishment won the elections. PSOE and Ciudadanos have losr votes and seats, but held up enough to guarantee the ’s ability to govern, at least in the short term. Unid@s Podemos, the electoral project in which we participate actively, does not meet the expectations raised, coming in as a third force.

There are two important issues that we want to highlight. On the one hand, we must not underestimate the importance of the result in historical terms. Millions of people have voted for change (although change does not have a single meaning), for a new political force, which was the target of strong attacks from the elites. This confirms that, despite the absence of a large section of our support, we have managed to build an electoral bloc capable of confronting the parties of the dominant classes. On the other hand, this does not hide the disappointment that short-term expectations have not been met. The alliance between Podemos and IU lost more than a million votes compared to the 20D [election on 20 Deember 2015] and has failed to reach its potential.

The electoral cycle is temporarily closed and although they have not met all the goals, we must recognize that there are important steps forward. If the cycle of mobilization, social conflict and self-organization of 15M was the basis that created the social layer that has allowed us to confront the elites on the electoral level, now we have reverse this dynamic and launch a process of popular construction in the grassroots in the medium term to allow us to strengthen, influence the next parliamentary term and prepare for the upcoming battles.

The regime will set up a government without an absolute majority, but loyal to the Troika and austerity. For Anticapitalistas, to govern or support a government has to mean achieving concrete improvements for the popular classes and at the same time, allow open paths to a radically democratic, ecofeminist and socialist society. It is time to clearly define the political camps: no possible government combination is ours and we in will be opposition, firmly supporting and encouraging social conflicts, making strong programmatic proposals, using the parliaments as a platform, working for a convergence that is not just an alliance of parties but a social alliance between the working class and pauperized middle class against the cuts that the government to be formed will carry out under orders from Brussels. Being with working people, with patience, creating community and counterpowers: organize, fight, create popular power.

After this election cycle, an honest and comradey debate should open in the block for change. As Anticapitalistas we will defend our proposal of a broad party-movement, rooted locally, linked to struggles and the popular classes, useful for social movements, with a perspective of rupture and of course, pluralist. We have to build in a unified way, with respect and dialogue between the different proposals that are put forward. And we must continue to build the people’s unity from below against the unity of the elites. We must now therefore use the electoral unity in the social fightback.

The international context is difficult. There is a right turn in Europe. It is urgent to combat the rise of authoritarianism: in this coming period we must see ourselves as part of a democratic and anti-fascist movement in Europe. Sketching out these alliances, we have to seek points of covergence to generate a movement at European level. This battle is played internationally.

We will continue fighting and building. We are millions and and we have shown that yes we can. Now we must organize in every neighborhood, in every workplace or educationl etabishment. The regime and the elites are not going to find it easy to stabilize their regime. All we can foresee is the struggle to further open the gap and increase and strengthen the bloc for change. Not one step back, we have come to stay. We will continue.

28 June 2016

Source Anticapitalistas ante el resultado de las elecciones del 26J.