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The elections and the Podemos-IU agreement

Statement by Anticaptialistas

Thursday 12 May 2016, by Anticapitalistas

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The agreement between Podemos and Izquierda Unida (IU – United Left) to form an electoral coalition is very good news for everyone committed to defeating the regime at the ballot box and changing policies in favour of the working social majority.

Anticapitalistas believes that this opens a historic opportunity to disrupt the normal course of events. The normality of the PP and the PSOE consists of corruption, unemployment, precariousness, cuts and a democracy of low quality. That is why we believe that in these elections it is not only parties but two alternative models of society which confront each other: on the one hand that we have always had, which is at the service of the elites and, facing that, what we propose from the bloc of change that, through its diversity and plurality, is committed to building an alternative to the service of the people at the bottom.

It is time to mobilize in all possible areas. To activate a broad unitary campaign, to include the social and trade union movements, which goes beyond the social base of Podemos and IU, capable of going beyond the traditional electoral spaces. There is a need to include all those people who, without being a militant of Podemos or IU, are ready to make their contribution so that things change.

Winning the elections does not mean winning power, much less changing the world, our world. A possible electoral victory is only the first step to implementing a program of ambitious reforms, that puts the economy at the service of the people, placing our rights before the payment of the debt, repealing the employment reforms, that nationalizes the banks and electric companies under the control of the citizens, prohibits forced evictions and free dismissal, ends sexist violence, brakes once and for all the ecological disaster and puts public investment at the service of the creation of employment, education and health.

Winning these elections means, therefore, the opportunity to begin to conquer a new course. That is why the economic and political powers that be will not rest easy. The campaign of slander and threats will be serious and we must prepare to resist their blackmail, generating popular power to advance in the electoral and also in the social field.

To sum up, we call for a “yes” vote in favour of the agreement in the internal consultation within Podemos, a project of which we are a part and which we have been building since its inception. It is time to multiply to win. Yes we can!

May 10, 2016

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