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The left currents in the Philippines and the Duterte presidency

The election to the presidency of Rodrigo Duterte revealed and amplified the crisis of the political system in the Philippines, opening a period of uncertainty which is still far from over. Before and after the elections of May 9, 2016, the various forces of the left had to take a position regarding a marginal candidate whose victory seemed for a long time inconceivable, but who received massive popular support, to the point of completely transforming the electoral contest. In fact, the future of the left is to a large extent being determined today.

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Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Interview with Daniel Tanuro, Ecosocialist

More than 130 of the leaders of the world’s nations signed the Paris agreement on climate change towards the end of April. New Politics had the opportunity to interview Daniel Tanuro, the founder of Climate and Social Justice, a Belgian based environmental organization and author of Green Capitalism: Why it Can’t Work. Tanuro’s writings on ecosocialism are well known to those in the European ecosocialist movements. New Politics co-editor Dan La Botz had an opportunity to interview Tanuro about the Paris agreement at the Swiss Solidarity Spring University.

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Fidel Castro (1926-2016): A page turns

We must imagine the world at the time: the Cold War in full swing and Stalinism freezing the international workers’ movement. The Cuban revolution would unblock this situation by creating a new hope.

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