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Latin America

As mining conglomerates target Haiti, Latin America rises against them

People and governments across Latin America are rising up against foreign mining companies in a wave of revolt that is generating alarm among investors and their political operatives in the imperialist governments.

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Russia solidarity

First responses to solidarity appeal

Following the appeal by the Russian left - Russian Socialist Movement (RSD), Autonomous Action, Left Front - for solidarity action between November 29th and December 2nd, published in International Viewpoint with international endorsements, IV correspondents have sent reports of the actions in their countries.

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Rio Spring - Left fights local elections in next Olympic capital

Iain Bruce talks to Renato Silva and Henrique Vieira of the Brazil’s Party of Socialism and Liberty, PSOL

On 7 October Brazilians vote in local, municipal elections that will be an important barometer of the political balance in the country. In spite of the popularity of President Dilma Rousseff, her governing Workers Party (PT) is not set to do well. Mostly it is expected to lose ground to other parties of the centre and right, several of which take part in the governing coalition alongside the PT. But the main party of the left that opposes the Brazilian government’s social liberal policies, the PSOL (Party of Socialism and Liberty), could see a notable improvement in its position, especially in a few important cities.

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