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Cuba; France; Italy

Italy; Middle East; Climate change

Climate change; France; Italy

Environment; Brazil debate; Pakistan

Palestine; Philippines; Italy

Environment; Women; Latin America

USA; Environment; Latin America

Burma; Thailand; US; Britain.

Pakistan state of emergency; Respect splits in Britain; Danish trial of FARC & PFLP supporters

Pakistan, Russia, Venezeula


Some of the more popular pages


The China Advantage

Great Leap Forward for Capitalism, Big Step Backward for Labour

Well known global justice activist Au Loong-Yu explains the reasons for China’s spectacular economic growth - and some of its deadly consequences for Chinese workers.

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War and Peace in Mindanao

The conflict in Mindanao has lasted for more than 35 years, as the Muslim Bangsa Moro people have fought for self-determination. To date the conflict has claimed 120,000 lives, many of them civilians.

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Savage Capitalism - the Ecosocialist Alternative

This is an edited version of the main document discussed at the recent annual general meeting of Socialist Resistance in Britain. The document explains why Socialist Resistance is changing its political programme, perspectives and public profile towards being an anti-capitalist, ecosocialist organisation.

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