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Solidarity Marches in Pakistan: Widespread student mobilization and political repression - A new generation of activists

After student mobilizations throughout the country, Pakistani left-wing figures – including Ammar Ali Jan, Farooq Tariq and Alamgir Wazir – were charged with “subversion”.

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Macron faced with strikes and mass mobilizations

All-out strikes have continued in the SNCF and RATP since 5 December, blocking rail transport in the country and urban transport in the Paris region with a commitment to continue until the plan that would dismantle the pension system is dropped.

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International politics

The far right: a global phenomenon

In recent years, the reactionary, authoritarian and/or fascist extreme right wing has been in the ascendant all over the world: it already governs half of the world’s countries. Among the best-known examples are: Trump (United States), Modi (India), Orbán (Hungary), Erdoğan (Turkey), Daesh (Islamic State), Salvini (Italy), Duterte (Philippines), and now Bolsonaro (Brazil). But in several other countries we have governments close to this trend, even if they do not have such an explicit definition: Russia (Putin), Israel (Netanyahu), Japan (Shinzō Abe), Austria, Poland, Burma, Colombia and so on. In fact, the distinction between these two groups is completely relative.

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