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The defence of the Amazon is a fight for the future of the earth

Statement from Mexico

“I don’t want flowers at my funeral, because I know they will be taken from the forest.” Chico Mendes

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Oppose Continuing Assaults on Idlib and on Kurds in Northeastern Syria

We, the Alliance of Middle Eastern and North African Socialists oppose the military attacks on the Idlib region and northern Hama and threats and assaults against the northeastern regions of Syria. We support all the innocent civilians in Syria.

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On political crisis in Moscow

Statement by the Russian Socialist Movement

The events of the past month in Moscow have led to a political crisis on a national scale. Its distinguishing feature is the inability of the authorities to govern as usual, combining political methods and repression for maintaining stability. The mechanism of maintaining legitimate power through controlled elections with low turnout and the predictable victory of United Russia no longer works.

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