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Ecuador: Brutal economic decisions (“paquetazo”)

With a stubborn position that borders on political suicide, the government of Lenin Moreno, during the seventh day of massive and combative Popular Unemployment, has preferred to repress thousands of indigenous, students, settlers and workers who have risen throughout the country, by employing savage police and military force against them. In fact, this decision was stringently placed ahead of the possibility of repealing the “economic package” imposed on October 1 through Decree No. 883.

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No absolute majority for the SP, the right suffers an historic defeat

The 6 October general election saw the left increase its parliamentary majority thanks to the increase in votes for the PS (Socialist Party). However the latter did not achieve its objective of a working parliamentary majority on its own. The Bloco de Esquerda (BE – Left Bloc) consolidated its position as the third national political force.

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Betraying the Kurds

Donald Trump’s treacherous sellout of the Syrian Kurds puts a new spin on the old saying that imperialism “has no permanent friends, only permanent interests.” It’s true that the ultimate betrayal of the Kurds was almost inevitable — as has happened so many times before. But the particular way Trump’s done it — right after a phone call with his Turkish autocrat buddy Erdogan, without consulting the Pentagon, State Department, “national security” staff, major allies or anyone else except his own great and unmatched wisdom — is truly spectacular. And of course it feeds into the U.S. domestic tangle in ways still to unfold.

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