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Israel invades Gaza; New anticapitalist party in France; United States.

Britain, France

Pakistan, France, World Social Forum

European-wide elections. Swine flu,

Tensions sharpen in Sri Lanka


Some of the more popular pages


A tug-of-war over the media

Twenty years ago this month on Tienanmen square, the Chinese army put a violent end to a peaceful movement for democracy. The reigning image of China in the world is a country that has not only become much richer since then, but also freer. A fascinating book about the Chinese media makes short shrift of that notion.

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Former Yugoslavia

New resistance network

Interview with Rastko Mocnik*, by Lucien Perpette

On September 12-13, 2009 a Forum of Resistances took place in Sarajevo, on the initiative of DOSTA. The DOSTA movement was started by young people in Sarajevo who had organized two radical demonstrations protesting against the inertia of the government in the face of criminality and the assassination of a teenager by petty criminals. The participants who were invited to the Forum of Resistances came from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia, as well as from France, Greece and Poland. Activists in Croatia, involved at the same time in a demonstration against the government, sent a message of sympathy.

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Ahmed Rashid’s War

Ahmed Rashid provides American and British warmongers with rationales for staying in Afghanistan and continuing the killing. But now, according to Tariq Ali, he’s very depressed.

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