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Marxism / Fourth International

A systematic biography of Ernest Mandel

This is the first systematic biography of the main leader and theorist of the Fourth International after 1945, who was, as noted by Tariq Ali in his preface, one of the most creative and independent revolutionary thinkers of our time.

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Destiny of a Revolutionary

‘Ernest Mandel – A Rebel’s Dream Deferred’ by Jan Willem Stutje

Phil Hearse welcomes an impressive new biography of Ernest Mandel, but questions whether it does justice to the scale of the famous revolutionary’s achievements.

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Arab Sexualities

THE ISSUE OF same-sex sexualities in the Arab world is a political and intellectual minefield, and more so since 9/11 than before. In a bizarre twist, neoconservatives and other rightists who were hostile for decades to the lesbian/gay movement(1) have repackaged themselves as defenders of oppressed Arab women and gays. Responses from the left have been divided.

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