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Trotsky Dossier

The relevance of permanent revolution

The theory of permanent revolution is not a metaphysical speculation but an attempt to respond to one of the most dramatic questions of our epoch: how to resolve the appalling social problems suffered by the dependent capitalist countries - colonial and semi-colonial in the language of the time - how can they escape pauperisation, dictatorship, oligarchical regimes, foreign domination?

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Trotsky Dossier

The question of the party: Trotsky’s weak point

Trotsky made an inestimable contribution to the preservation and development of revolutionary Marxism in the first half of the 20th century, both by his militant activity and by his analyses. In this vast ensemble, his weak point is the problem of the party.

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Reflections on globalisation

...and the perspectives of the workers’ movement

Secretary of Italy’s Party of Communist Refoundation, Fausto Bertinotti has just published a new book called Le idee che non muoiono ("Ideas that do not die"). Believing that the problems approached in this book are of interest to activists in the workers’ movement and left intellectuals in other countries, we publish here some extracts.

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