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Some of the more popular pages


“Plan Colombia means war”


“Plan Colombia is a plan for war. It is a plan that opens the doors wide to the hawks in the United States so that they can have a greater intervention in the Colombia’s internal affairs.”

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Trotsky Dossier

Understanding fascism in order to fight it

Since the incorporation of the GDR in 1990, there has been in Germany a debate in the scattered ranks of the left intelligentsia on the specificity of the Nazi regime and the singularity of its crimes. A number of authors stress above all the consciously organised genocide of the Jewish population in Europe.

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Trotsky Dossier

The question of the party: Trotsky’s weak point

Trotsky made an inestimable contribution to the preservation and development of revolutionary Marxism in the first half of the 20th century, both by his militant activity and by his analyses. In this vast ensemble, his weak point is the problem of the party.

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