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France - LCR calls for new party; Belgium - ’Unity’ crisis; Pakistan elections

Latin America; Western Europe; South Asia

Italy, Fourth International

Floods; Elections in Britain and Italy


Mexico 1968: society erupts onto the political stage

The Bolivarian Revolution at the Crossroads

Economy - Their Crisis, Our Consequences; Hugo Blanco arrested.

Economic and Climate Crisis; Obama’s election


Some of the more popular pages

World Economy

The Economic Crisis and its Effects

The view from Britain

The current economic crisis has broken the temporary solutions which have ruled the world economy since the mid-1980s. Profits had been created through production but, in contradiction, were realised through circulation and exchange. British is now exceptionally vulnerable to the crisis.

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The meaning of May 1968

The general strike of May-June ’68 in France is being hotly debated in franc itself and elsewhere. Revolution? Pre-revolutionary situation? What’s the truth of what happened?

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Revolution and the party in Gramsci’s thought

A modern application

The central thread of this work is an evaluation of Antonio Gramsci’s fundamental contributions to the theory of revolutionary social transformation, particularly incorporating the role of the revolutionary party as the central institution of revolutionary conflict: its position as the ’’Modern Prince’’ and the ’’Collective Intellectual’’, its relation to different socio-political actors (its allies and opponents, different classes, the state and the civil society).

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