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Global perspectives; World Social Forum; New parties in England and Brazil.

Mumbai: World Social Forum; Kyoto.

Europe; Germany.

European Union today - 27 country survey; Middle East; Germany.

Challenges facing revolutionaries today: Building broad anti-capitalist parties; experiences in Italy and Brazil; updating Marxism - Daniel Bensaid.


Some of the more popular pages


Between rage and impotence

As was the case in other EU countries, Germany’s European parliamentary elections were marked by a growing discontent - primarily with the policies of the federal government. If most commentators see it as a protest vote, it is nonetheless increasingly difficult to define it politically because it takes the most varied forms.

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Women’s oppression in globalization

The existence of women’s oppression pre-dates not only globalization, but also capitalism itself. Moreover, due to its specific characteristics, the consequences that globalization exerts on it are not a foregone or one-sided conclusion. Globalization implies an unequal and different extension of capitalist production relations, in the north and the south alike. Today, women are at the heart of this process. To grasp its complexity, we must review the specific nature of gender oppression, and the particular means by which it interplays with the capitalist mode of production.

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Three surprises

Contrary to predictions, Slovenian voters showed no great enthusiasm to participate in these European elections. During the referendum on Slovenia’s entry into the European Union in March 2003 the abstention rate was only 45% - less than in a number of eastern European countries. This June 13 it was 71.6%.

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