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Some of the more popular pages


Old and new forms of struggle

In the final days of November 2000 workers in Argentina observed a 36-hour General Strike, called by the country’s three major trade union federations. New forms of struggle were used that grew out of the past and were generalised in this strike. This article attempts to give an account of these events.

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Ecology and Socialism

Draft to be submitted to the World Congress of the Fourth International

Humanity has faced ecological problems at other times, but these have taken on a new urgency nowadays due to their scope and gravity. Damage to the environment often has an irreversible impact on man and nature and the ecological crisis on the horizon at the dawn of the 21st Century is endangering the lives of millions of people.

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New Zealand

Stuck in the neo-liberal groove

The election of the Labour Party to power signalled, many hoped, the end of neo-liberal economic and social policies that had increased inequality and hardship in New Zealand. However, with some exceptions in the area of social policy labour have proven themselves little different to the preceding National government.

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