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Philippines left under threat; Portugal/Denmark electoral advances; Europe meddles in Africa.

Brazil: divergence on the left; International Women’s Day.

Revolution in Latin America; developments in the European left.

EU Constitution; Britain’s general election; Middle East; Latin America.

EU Referendum - Non and Nee; Bolivia; Zapatistas new turn.

Venezuela; French źNo╗; Our History; G8; London Bombings

Hurrican Katrina; Solidarnosš; Evolution of the radical left

Venezuelan Revolution; Brazilian Left; Pakistan Earthquake

Marxism; France; Pakistan Earthquake

Bolivia; Britain; Iraq


Some of the more popular pages


Mediterranean Social Forum: Womens Assembly meets

At the Mediterranean Social Forum (FSMed), Catalan and Italian activists from the World March of Women pressed for a plenary session devoted to the question of women’s rights in the Mediterranean. A woman from Iraq spoke on the terrible situation created by the war, for everybody but particularly for women, whether in US prisons or as victims of sexual aggression.

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Ivory Coast

A ĹCivil War’ that is French and Neo-Colonial

The civil war in Ivory Coast has led to the de facto partition of the country, between the rebellion of the New Forces (FN) and the National Armed Forces of Ivory Coast (FANCI), loyal to President Laurent Gbagbo. It entered a new phase at the beginning of November 2004, when the French army destroyed the FANCI’s air force.

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Opiate of the People?

Marxism and Religion

The Marxist view of religion has been greatly over-simplified, typically identified with the well-worn refrain that it’s the "opiate of the people." Michael L÷wy challenges this misconception, and presents us with a much more nuanced view of Marxism and religion.

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