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Fighting for Marxism in Syria

Interview with Trotskyist activist, Monif Mulhem

Released after sixteen years in prison, Monif Mulhem threw himself into the construction of a global justice movement in Syria. After some successful social forums, the Syrian authorities banned them. Today, Monif continues political activity in a tense situation. IV spoke to him in his small apartment in Damascus.

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The red and green October

The fight continues!

The Belgian government triggered a massive wave of social protest last month when it attacked the ‘bridge pension’. The SAP/POS (Belgian section of the Fourth International) explains the roots of the crisis and points a way forward.

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“The MAS is of the Centre-Left”

Interview with Álvaro García Linera, newly elected Bolivian vice-president

Sociologist, political analyst, ex-leader of the Tupac Katari Guerrilla Army (EGTK) along with Felipe Quispe at the beginning of the 1990s, and very much present in the media, Álvaro García Linera is the newly elected vice-president of Bolvia. He did this interview with Pablo Stefanoni for Inprecor, our French-language sister journal.

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