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Philippines left under threat; Portugal/Denmark electoral advances; Europe meddles in Africa.

Brazil: divergence on the left; International Women’s Day.

Revolution in Latin America; developments in the European left.

EU Constitution; Britain’s general election; Middle East; Latin America.

EU Referendum - Non and Nee; Bolivia; Zapatistas new turn.

Venezuela; French «No»; Our History; G8; London Bombings

Hurrican Katrina; Solidarnosç; Evolution of the radical left

Venezuelan Revolution; Brazilian Left; Pakistan Earthquake

Marxism; France; Pakistan Earthquake

Bolivia; Britain; Iraq


Some of the more popular pages


Zapatistas: What we intend to do now (parts 5 & 6)

Final two parts of the EZLN’s 6th Declaration of the Selva Lacandona, in which they explain their new policy of outreach and alliances, to help refound the Mexican and international Left "from below."

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The CPP-NPA-NDF “Hit List” - a preliminary report

Pierre Rousset outlines the scope and effects of the CPP assassinations policy.

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Direct Democracy in Brazil

The Porto Alegre Alternative: Direct Democracy in Action - Iain Bruce, Pluto Press, with the IIRE.

For fifteen years or so, beginning in the late eighties in the southern city of Porto Alegre, there was a radical experiment in direct democracy which involved thousands of citizens in improving the conditions under which they lived. This experiment was called the Participatory Budget (PB).

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