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Reds, greens and ’reform’

After 16 years of the liberal-conservative government of Helmut Kohl - which were, particularly at the end, ’years of lead’ - the electoral victory of the Social Democratic and Green coalition (SPD, Grünen) in autumn 1998, had engendered a certain climate of optimism, above all in trade union circles.

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The Argentinazo one year on

"Without workers a factory does not function. But without bosses, yes, it functions — and very well indeed! With all the other comrades we are going to demonstrate that the nation functions with the hands of working people and not with the thieving hands of the politicians."

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Renewal of struggle

For the first time in 50 years Austrian trades unions have organized strikes, blockades of highways and borders, mass demonstrations and radical actions. It is the beginning of a change of political culture, whose consequences are not yet visible.

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