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Some of the more popular pages


Unions lead popular resistance

A 20% plus increase in the prices of petroleum products, announced by the government in August 2005 after several weeks of intense media softening up of public opinion, has generated anger and popular mobilisations in Nigeria. These attacks haven led to resistance from the social movements and more particularly the trade unions.

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The coup d’etat: a step backwards for Thailand and Southeast Asia

On the evening of Tuesday September 19, benefiting from the absence of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra at the United Nations General Assembly, soldiers led by general Sonthi Boonyaratklin organized a military putsch in Thailand. The junta now in power claimed it had acted to save Thailand from the threat that Thaksin represented for the democracy and stability of the country.

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Evismo - Reform? Revolution? Counter-Revolution?

The political and class polarisation in Bolivia is developing very rapidly as a result of the right-wing ’strikes’, the struggles over the Constituent Assembly and the nationalisation of the gas, and now with the bloody conflict at the Huanani mine.

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