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Solidarity with Kurdish and Turkish activists

Fourth International Youth Camp Statement on repression of the left in Turkey.

Saturday 8 August 2015, by Fourth International

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This statement was adopted at the closing rally of the 32nd youth camp in solidarity with the Fourth International on 1st August at Hoge Rielen in Belgium, by the delegations present from Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spanish state, Switzerland as well as the guests from Brazil, Mexico and the USA.]

Since June 05, 2015, and the attack on HDP sympathizers assembled in Diyarbakir, the Turkish left and the Kurdish movement have undergone a series of deadly assaults.

The murder of 32 activists and sympathizers of the SGDF (Federation of Associations of Young Socialists) has shown the determination of the most reactionary forces in the region to drown the Turkish and Kurdish revolutionary movement in blood.

The youth of the Fourth International denounce the massacre at Suruc, the responsibility of the Turkish State, and its use of the Islamic State.

By the repression of demonstrations, the arrest of hundreds of activists, and the bombardments aimed at the PKK since July 24, Erdogan has renewed the worst dictatorial traditions of the Turkish state.

From Gezi to Soma, Kobane to Bursa, we reaffirm our solidarity with the struggle of the Turkish and Kurdish popular classes and demand:

  The release of political prisoners;

  An end to the bombing aimed the PKK;

  The lifting of the inclusion of the PKK on the list of terrorist organizations;

  An end to the arrests and judicial proceedings against left activists.

Direnis devam ediyor (The struggle continues)!