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Solidarity with the popular mobilization of the Rif

Statement by the Bureau of the Fourth International

Monday 29 May 2017, by Fourth International

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For seven months, a popular protest movement has been growing in the Rif region of northern Morocco, culminating in a rally of tens of thousands of demonstrators in Al-Hoceima on 18 May. This movement is rooted in the popular mobilization that took root in the region from 20 February 2011, reflecting in Morocco the dynamics of the uprisings throughout the Maghreb and the Middle East. It was relaunched in October 2016 when the young fisherman Mouhcine Fikri was crushed to death in a rubbish truck in Hoceima.

The Rif population, organized in local committees, is demanding legal judgment of those responsible for this death as well as five other Riffians killed in a local bank during the events of 20 February 2011. It also calls for the lifting of the militarization of the province of Al Hoceima, halting the prosecution and harassment of small-scale farmers, and raises other social demands on health services, education and infrastructure that are lacking for the population. This is a clear indication of the failure of the economic and social policies promoted by the Moroccan government to repay its enormous public debt, manifested by the destruction of the productive fabric, the plundering of maritime and forest resources, the weakness of the main public services and the lack of employment for young people.

These neoliberal policies for the benefit of big foreign and local capital dictated by the international financial and trade institutions and the governments of the imperialist powers are being implemented by corrupt Moroccan institutions that are not at all democratic. The various governmental, security and media organs of the monarchical system seek to silence the voice of the Riffian population, to criminalize the protest movement and to undermine its credibility so that it does not serve as an example for other cities and regions of Morocco who live in the same conditions of marginalization, impoverishment and dignity.

- We salute the struggle of the Riffian people, their organization from below, their creativity and determination, as well as the forces that support this struggle in Morocco.

 We condemn the policy of repression and disinformation of the Moroccan State.

 We call for the expansion of international solidarity so that this movement can achieve its demands for significant improvements in their social, democratic and cultural conditions.

These are demands shared by all the popular classes in Morocco and neighbouring countries who seek the path of their emancipation from political despotism and capitalist exploitation.

 Victory for the popular struggle in Rif!

 Long live the struggle for freedom, dignity and social justice!

Paris 29 May 2017


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