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in solidarity with the sentenced protesters of the 15th July in Greece

Declaration of the youth camp of the 4th International

Sunday 2 August 2015, by Fourth International

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This statement was adopted at the closing rally of the 32nd youth camp in solidarity with the Fourth International on 1st August at Hoge Rielen in Belgium, by the delegations present from Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spanish state, Switzerland as well as the guests from Brazil, Mexico and the USA.

During the demonstration against the voting through of the memorandum held on the 15th of July in front of the Greek parliament, several people were arrested. At trial, seven of those arrested were judged not guilty, while the remaining three were sentenced to an average of 15 months in prison with the maximum period of probation, which is three years.

The three militants who were convicted, among them a member of the 4th international, Mike Goudoumas, are suffering these punishments because of their opposition to government policy. It is clear that the state has chosen to punish specifically the part of the working class which, under the worst conditions, is defying austerity. The three accused are all precarious workers and one of them is a migrant.

In the face of mass opposition to the new austerity measures of Syriza-Anel government, repression represents the last weapon against this movement and against those parts of the Left which are openly opposing the memoranda.

It is our duty to make it clear that we are not going to leave our comrades to fight alone against those who are trying to make the capitalist crisis a problem of the working class. We are determined to fight alongside them against the policy of the Greek government, the EU and the IMF.
We ask all organizations, unions and political forces – including people and forces inside Syriza – to stand in solidarity with those who have been sentenced, to demand their immediate release, and to take a stand against the repression.
Over the coming weeks, in each of our countries, we will contact all social movement organizations and ask them to join us in launching a united petition campaign to demand an amnesty for all anti-austerity activists who have been victimised. We will circulate this petition to as many political, union movement and cultural figures as possible We will deliver these petitions to Greek embassies and organize demonstrations in front of them.
Greek workers need international solidarity in their fight against Tsipras/EU agreement, as was widely expressed during the referendum, and against austerity plans which are being imposed on them. This is why we will try everywhere to mobilize people and build campaigns which affirm that the Greek people have nothing to pay, and to demand the cancellation of the debt.

With our weapon of international solidarity, we will continue to mobilize against the implementation of the sentences, as well as against the possible deportation of one of our comrades.

Their efforts to silence us will only make us stronger!