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Climate justice

99% stand for Climate: Our Planet, not your Business!

Statement of the Fourth International youth camp

Wednesday 5 August 2015, by Fourth International

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Six years after the failure of the Copenhagen negotiations against climate change, global corporate and political powers will meet again during the COP21. This 21st Conference of Parties will take place in Paris during the two first weeks of December 2015.

The biggest multinational companies such as Nestlé or VINCI will continue to pursue their interests, in total contradiction with the needs of climate justice. The Climate question was stolen from the working class. During this mobilization, we will need to re-appropriate these issues, by putting democracy and social justice at the heart of our intervention, far away from the false solutions and the new profits of the capitalists. Green capitalism is an imposture!

We –the 99%– have to be conscious that we’ll be the first victims of the consequences of climate deadlock: massive and forced migrations, increase of the sea-level, desertification, soil defertilization, air pollution, etc. These threats will directly attack populations of the entire world, but first of all of the Global South.

Miles away from the palaces where the capitalist powers meet, the peoples are organizing themselves to defend their rights and needs. Via Campesina struggles for food autonomy and against land appropriation. In South-Eastern Asia, peasant women are collectively building alternatives to the capitalist production system. Through the world, struggles against big useless projects mobilize peasants and urban people. The struggle to defend (ZAD) of Notre-Dames-des-Landes airport or the actions against the TAV (the fast train Lyon-Turin) in Italy are exceptional struggles that we support.

We ask our delegations get involved, with the “99 % stand for the Climate”, in a broad mobilization which will take place throughout the entire world. This network will allow us to pursue a successful international campaign (distribution of posters, flyers, use of social networks, etc.), at the height of the climate issues. We ask all the Fourth International organizations to take part in the international youth mobilization which will take place the 14th of October, and at the weekend of actions and decentralized demonstrations which will take place the 28th and 29th of November.

We will end the mobilization cycle with our own radical and popular COP: the Conference of Peoples. Between 11 and 13 of December, this space will make possible the self-organisation of ecosocialists. We will then contribute to the coordination, at the height of the mobilization, the combined struggles for social and climatic justice. Finally, only massive participation in the biggest international demonstration of 12 December, will allow to put forward our ecosocialist alternative!

This statement was adopted at the closing rally of the 32nd youth camp in solidarity with the Fourth International on 1st August at Hoge Rielen in Belgium, by the delegations present from Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spanish state, Switzerland as well as the guests from Brazil, Mexico and the USA.]