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The Lima embassy massacre

Fourth International declaration

Tuesday 3 June 1997, by Fourth International

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The Fourth International shares the indignation of all revolutionaries and democrats at the savage operation which the Peruvian government launched against the MRTA militants inside the Japanese embassy in Lima.

The guerrilla commando had killed no-one, injured no-one, and made no ultimatum. But President Fujimori decided on a massacre, using the combined forces of the army, air force and marines, with the aid of the USA, Britain and Israel, and with the complicity of the Japanese government.. He wanted no prisoners. His goal was to exterminate all the militants inside the embassy.

The bourgeois media all over the world didn’t hesitate to express their satisfaction, and join in with the congratulations which their governments addressed to Alberto Fujimori. This sinister individual has succeeded in polishing his tyrant’s badge — which the MRTA action had tarnished.

Fujimori and his gang have sent the Peruvian people a clear message: the state has a monopoly on force of what ever kind, and the "state interest" has priority, at any price. Those who challenge these "principles" will be punished mercilessly.

The framework of the capitalist system must be respected. Particularly in Latin America, those who are not disposed to accept this should know that they are not protected by any law or democratic guarantee. The "low intensity war" against them, which has already caused so much damage in Central America and elsewhere will continue. This is the other message which Fujimori and his imperialist allies wanted to send to the oppressed and exploited of the continent.

Each revolutionary organisation has the right to choose whether or not it adopts the same choices as the MRTA. To ask itself whether or not the methods used by its militants are useful. Whether they contribute effectively to the legitimate combat against "national" and foreign oppressors.

But at a moment when the dominant classes in Latin America and their imperialist patrons are crying "victory!", it is our duty to express our full solidarity with the MRTA in their mourning.

At the same time, we demand an end to the scandalous detention of political prisoners in Peru in unacceptable and inhuman conditions. International solidarity with all these prisoners is a must.

Fourth International United Secretariat, 13 May 1997